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"360networks Inc."
Providers Of Fiber Optic Communications Infrastructure & Bandwidth Services.

"A&J Communications, Inc."

Assist You With Your Communications Needs. Telephone Systems, Voice Mail Systems, Auto Attendent, Premise Wiring, Fiber Optic, Fax And Modem Lines, Or Paging Systems.

"Aaa Websites"

Design & Hosting At Fiber Optic 45 Mb/S Connection.

"Adelphia Business Solutions"

Provides Integrated Communication Services To Business Customers Over Its State-Of-The-Art Fiber Optic Network.Throughout Us Fully Redundant, 30,000 Mile Local And Long Haul Fiber Optic Network.

"Adva Optical Networking"

Supplier Of Advanced Optical Solutions For The Communications Industry Provides Customers With New Fiber Optic Systems.

"Advanced Fibre Communications"

Company Offering The Universal Modular Carrier Which Connects Telephone Service Users And Telephone Service Provides With Broadband Access.

"Amcom Telecommunications Ltd"

Developing broadband fibre optic networks in up to 30 Australian cities and financial centres.


serves the needs of corporate voice, data and multimedia communications with complete structured wiring solutions, including wiring, wiring closet equipment, installation and testing tools, fiber optic equipment, outside plant copper cable and all other components required to build a robust, cost-effective network infrastructure.


International Communications-Technology Company Designs And Engineers Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Broadband Networks.

"Ashland Fiber Network"

Fiber Optic Network Providing High Technology Broadband Communications, Internet Access, Cable Tv Programming And Video Conferencing For Residents, Businesses, Schools And Government Of Ashland Oregon.


At&T is the first national fiber optic network to be installed in Venezuela which will improve telecommunications infrastructure and provide CANTV with multiple long distance channels as well as digital technology.


Specialises In Fiber Optic Communication Systems.

"Automated Telecommunications Systems, Inc"

Patsi Offers High Bandwidth By Generating Low-Cost, Scalable, Multi-Channel Passive And Active Fiber Optic Interconnect Systems (Data Links) For The Internet Server, Computer, Telecommunications, And Aerospace Industries.

"Batm A.C. Gmbh"

Fiber Optic Converters And Repeaters Bor Seriesthe Bor Fiber Optic Repeaters Provide The Most Reliable And Far-Reaching Communications Link Between Msaus (Multi-Station Access Units) In Ibm Token Ring Networks

"Black Box"

Black Box Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of network services and related products to businesses of all sizes in 132 countries. We also provide the best technical services in the industry.

"Black Hills Fibercom"

Telephone And Cable Television Services, High-Speed Internet Access, And Data And Video Services To The Northern Black Hills.

"Boston Optical Fiber, Inc."

Boston Optical Fiber, Inc. (BOF), the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of step and graded index plastic optical fiber and systems.

"Broadband Guide"

fiber-optic communications technology and applications worldwide

"C&L Communications Inc."

Specialists In Directional Boring, Fiber Optic Installation (Short And Long Haul), Operation Of Fiber Optic Blowing Equipment, Fusion Splicing, Implementation Of Routine Work Orders And Maintenance, Campus Projects In Fiber And Copper.

"C-Cor.Net Corp."

A leading provider of high-quality hybrid fiber coax technology and services used to facilitate and manage delivery of video, high-bandwidth data and voice over advanced broadband networks.

"Cei Communications"

Specializing In Lan Wiring. Services Include Wiring Closet Rehabs, Underground Installation Of Copper And Fiber Optic Feeder/Backbone Cabling, And More.

"Cfw Communications"

Offers Cellular, Paging, Voicemail, Internet Access, Microwave And Cable Television, And Cap Fiber Networks For Western Virginia. Also Offers Cable Modems.

"Cis Inc."

systems integration company offering services in ethernet & fiber optic cabling, circuit verification, telephone sytems, web design, web applications, secure hosting, e-commerce, facility managment, project managment, testing and analysis for database design, software design and a host of related services.

"Clear Works, Inc."

Provides Fiber Optic Services Including Digital Tv Channels, Local Telephone Service, And Internet Access.


Developing Telecommunications Technology To Deliver Digital Data At Multiple Megabits Speeds At Low Cost To Homes And Businesses Using Existing Cable Television, Fiber Optic And Copper Wire Media.

"Comcast Corporation"

Principally Engaged In The Development, Management And Operation Of Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Broadband Cable Networks, Cellular And Personal Communications Systems

"Communications Systems, Inc."

Manufactures Fiber Optic Connectors, Jacks And Structured Wiring For Category 5 Telecommunications, Data, And Cable Television.


Data Communication, Network Design, Fiber Optic Cable And Services For Data Centers.

"Comsource, Inc"

Allows Customers To Have Advanced Telephone,Data Services Available To Them Through One Fiber Optics

"Connected Living Llc"

Company That Consults With Developers In Various Communities Across America To Design And Install High Speed, Full Time, Non-Modem Dependent Connections To The Internet Via Fiber Optics.

"Converging Technologies"

specializes in engineering and design of telecommunication services, cable plant installation and project management and is a global provider of fiber optic and gigabit speed communications.

"Corning, Inc."

Provides Special Communications & Consumer Products For The Telecommuncations & Advanced Fiber Optic.

"Cronyx Engineering"

Offers Digital Communication Equipment: Fiber Optic Modems, Modems G.703, E1 , Dialup And Leased Phone Connections And Physical Leased Lines.

"Douglas Software & Communications, Inc."

communications server, networking, fiber splicing, engineering, design and custom software.

"Electric Lightwave, Inc."

Local Exchange Carrier That Provides Full-Service Telecommunications Using Fiber Optic Technology.

"Enkido, Inc."

Services Include Fiber Optic Telecommunication At The Same Quality And Affordability.

"Esitech,Inc., Industrial Applications"

Data Cabling, Communication Cabling, And Termination Technicians, From Networks To Fiber Optics, Incorporating Cable Testers And Termination Tools For High-Speed Data Transmission And Fiber Optic Termination Tools.

"Fantastic Corporation"

Provides Broadband Multimedia Solutions For Broadcasting Video-Rich Content Over Satellite, Dsl, Cable, Mobile, Wireless, Fiber, And Digital Terrestrial Networks

"Fiber Network Solutions, Inc."

Provides High Speed Internet Connectivity.Xdsl Service Is A New Technology That Has The Potential To Facilitate Affordable High Bandwidth Internet Data Communications.


Network-Independent Enterprise Services Provider That Enables Companies To Connect Their Users.

"France Telecom"

Offers a complete range of high quality products and services for fiber optic telecommunications to make communication more easy and efficient.The Most Complete Range Of Corporate fiber optic Telecommunications Services Available.

"Gehl Electric Datacom, Inc."

Designs, installs, and maintains voice and data networks through fiber optic telecommunications for virtually any business with data processing needs and a telephone system.Quality, Safety, Time And Professional Electrical Installations.

"Hi Speed"

offers web hosting, dedicated servers, and e-commerce solutions.

"Homefiber Inc."

Offers Deployment Project Manager Job-Project Manage Deployment Projects Coordinating All Aspects Of The Network Development, Liaison With Outside Contractors. Hard Driving And Maintaining Adherence To An Agreed Schedule.

"Integral Cable Communications"

Integral Cable Communications is a Toronto based telecommunications contractor, specializing in CATV, utility and fibre optic networking. They are a leader in PCS design and construction, hydro and utility construction, electronic test equipment, fibre optic installation, splicing and testing, and CATV design and construction.

"International Fibercom"

Leading provider of fiber network development services to the telecommunications industry.delivers a unique blend of leading edge technology and time tested installation methods to develop quality networks, safely and ahead of schedule.

"Investor`S Quality Services, Inc"

Providers Of Quality Assurance Services For The Underseas Fiber Optic Telecommunications Industry

"Iowa Network Services, Inc.,"

Provides Cutting-Edge Telecommunications Services To Thousands Of Residential, Business, And Telecommunications Industry Customers Around The World. 4,500 Miles Of Fiber Optic Network Serving 300 Communities


First Nebs Compliant Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions Introduced For Telecommunications Networks

"Len Andrews Enterprices Inc.,"

Offers a complete range of high quality design, installation and maintenance services for fibre optic, twisted pair and coaxial cable systems.

"Lucent Technologies Optical Networking Group"

Lucent Optical Networking, Bandwidth, Dwdm, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing, Wavestar, Data Networking, Dense Wavelength, Division Multiplexing, Dwdm Equipment, Bandwidth Manager, Multiplexer Solution, Optical Cross-Connect Systems, Lightwave System

"MED - 1 Submarine Cables Ltd."

private Israeli telecommunications company which specialize in submarine telecommunication infrastructure providing solutions to the eastern Mediterranean and especially to the Israeli market needs.

"Metro Media Fiber Network"

provider of end-to-end optical network and Internet infrastructure solutions.

"Mongo Enterprises, LLC"

offer complete turn key dedicated internet, frame relay, ATM, Internet hosting and voice solutions to our customers nationwide.

"Neon Communications, Inc."

owns and operates a technologically advanced fiber optic network in eleven Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states, including the District of Columbia. Neon is a registered trademark of Neon Optica, Inc.

"Norlight Telecommunications"

Norlight owns and operatse one of the Midwest`s largest fiber optic networks.

"Nortel Networks"

global internet and communications leader with capabilities spanning Optical, Wireless, Local Internet and eBusiness, serves the emerging and existing needs of service providers, carriers, dot-coms, small and medium sized businesses, and large corporations in more than 100 countries and territories around the world.

"Palmetto Net"

provider of digital fiber optic interlata \nnetwork in South Carolina.

"Position Industries"

Installs and maintains everything needed for the fiber optic telecommunications offering the fullest extent of service needed.

"Prodial Communications,Inc.,"

Helps to compare, purchase and get the most out of use of telecommunications products and services. Telecommunications products include Quality fiberoptic connections and all uses of phone lines and wireless phone services.

"R.L. Cook & Associates, Inc"

telecommunications services consultants, \ntelecommunications infrastructure development consultants, web design site administration economic development facilities operation maintenance

"Robertson Systems"

a solid foundation of experience in the installation, maintenance and upgrade of a full range of fiber optic Telecommunications and fiber optic telecomunication Equipments, Industrial Equipments And Services To Industries.

"Si Services Canada Inc"

designs, installs and supports information systems, network communications, multivender networks as well as providing midrange hardware and software merchandise.

"Southern Light"

regional bandwidth sales and leasing division of the Southern Light fiber optic group, headquartered in Mobile, Alabama. Southern Light LLC was formed with the goal of providing dark fiber optic communication service to customers looking for a turnkey provider. In 1999, Southern Light joined with the engineers of AZED Communications to provide our customers with low-cost engineering, construction and maintenance services.


Our Facility Is 100% Fiber Optic & We Use Only 56k Modems, V.90 Compliant. Currently Serving Over 200 Cites In The Us.

"Star Telecommunications, Inc."

Is A Leading Provider Of Global Telecommunications Services To Consumers (Telecommunications, Phone, Dial Around, Long Distance, Private Line, Cable, Fiber Optic, Global, Telecom, Broadband, Telecommunications, Telephony)

"Svec Network Solutions"

Fd1102 Series 10m Ethernet Media Converters Repeats And Converts Ethernet Data Signals Running Over Mixed Cabling Environment. Models Are Available For All Media Combinations And Fiber Connector Types.

"Tacoma Power"

Building a fiber-optic network to control its substations in telecommunications.offers a wide range of fiber optic telecommunications services.

"Tele-Optics, Inc."

Provides A Fiber-Optic Cable Plant Design Of Proper Connectivity

"Telecom New Zealand Network International"

We are experienced in the delivery of a full range of international products and services. We provide quality terminations through the trading of hubbing and transit services around the world.


Capacity Service Provider, Using Fiberless Optics To Connect Businesses To The Nations Network.

"Total Network Solutions Group"

divided in two parts; the distribution division and systems integration division


Installations of fiber optic telecommunications with Fiber Polishing Filters,Low Temperature Ion Assisted Coatings and Micro Optics.


we will design, manufacture, install, own, operate, maintain, and sell bandwidth capacity on our own, completely new global undersea network: the TyCom Global Network (TGN).

"Ultranet Communications, Inc."

UltraNet is a full-service Internet and high-speed communications provider in New England

"Versatel Telecom International N.V."

Dutch Telecom Company With Local Access Fiber Optic Cable Across Europe And International Connectivity.

"Visionquest Web Services Inc"

Providing Web Page Development,Internet Publishing & Marketing & High Speed Fiber Optic Connectivty.

"Williams Communications Group, Inc."

fiber-optic network and the largest independent source of end-to-end integrated business communications solutions - data, voice or video. Our businesses also include the primary video backhaul distribution company for the media industry and an emerging broadband media services business that specializes in the management, hosting and distribution of digital information.

"Wireless Facilities, Inc. (Wfi)"

Wireless Facilities, Inc. (Wfi) Offers Full-Service Company That Provides Design & Construction Solutions For Fiber Telecommunication Systems


Serving The Colorado Telecommunications Industry. New Construction Consulting & Installation, Emergency Fiber Optic Repair

"Yipes Communications, Inc."

delivers both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Internet IP networking services.

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