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"360networks Inc ."
Powered By A Diverse, Talented And Dedicated Team, 360networks Is Building One Of The Largest, Low-Cost And Most Technologically Advanced Global Fiber Optic Networks.

"Adc Telecommunications"

Fiber-Optics, Wireless Technologies Offering Solutions For Telecommunication And Enterprise Networks

"Adva Optical Networking"

Supplier Of Advanced Optical Solutions For The Communications Industry Provides Customers With New Fiber Optic Systems.

"Advanced Cable Connection Inc."

Advanced Cable Connection is a high technology company dedicated to building, troubleshooting and enhancing Local Area Networks, intranets & extranets, as well as providing custom cables, network hardware and accessories for customers across the industry.

"AKME PPHU - Manufacturer of fiber optic video converters and free space optic systems"

Manufacturer of fiber optic video converters and free space optic systems (CCTV). \n \nFirm specialize in production of the smallest video signal transmitters and receiviers in the world. \n \nVideo signal transmission in multimode fibre (850nm) up to 5.5km \nVideo signal transmission in singlemode fibre (1300nm) up to 50km \nVideo signal and data (camera steering signal) transmission (850nm/1300nm) up to 2km (and more) \nFree space signal transmission (FSO) up to 500m (and more).

"Alaska Fiber Star, Llc."

Developed Alaska`S Newest Pipeline - 600 Miles Of Fiber Optic Cable That Greatly Accelerate High-Speed Data And Voice Transmission By Investing In Telecommunications Systems And Infrastructure, And Developing Applications And Services,


Fiber-Optics Communication System Operating The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System


Of A Turnkey Fiber Optic Telecommunications Network The Contract Calls For Alcatel To Supply And Install More Than 2,000 Km Of High-Capacity Fiber Optic Cable Supply All The Associated Connecting Equipment

"Alcoa Fujikura Ltd"

Total System Provider Of Passive Fiber Optic Passive Products And Services For The Telecommunications Indusustries. They Provide Fiber Optic Couplers, Cables, Connectors, Attenuators And Many More.

"Allayer Technologies Corp."

High Performance Ethernet Switching Ics And Fiber Optic Devices For 100mb/S And 1gb/S Network System

"Allegheny Energy,Inc.,"

Connect And Jointly Market Their Fiber Optic Networks To Telecommunications Companies Serving Customers In West Virginia


communication and information services

"Amcom Telecommunications Ltd"

Amcom Is One Of Australia`S Fastest Growing Listed Telecommunications Companies, Specialising In The Multi-Billion Dollar High-Speed Carrier Market Through Fibre Optic Broadband Network.

"Amg Systems"

Uk Based Manufacturer Of Optical Fibre Transmission Links For Cctv & Surveillance, Transportation And Data Communications. Transportation Systems: Single Fibre Point To Point Multiplexer, Single Fibre Drop & Insert Multiplexer Etc.

"Anacom Systems Corporation"

Manufacturing And Marketing a Wide Range Of Fiber Optic Transmitters, Receivers, and Transceivers for Wireless and RF signal Transmission


A Leading Supplier Of Gaas Ics For The Wireless Communication, Cable Television, And Fiber Optic Telecommunications.

"Antecede Technologies Inc."

provide the best optic fiber passive components, including a wide range of couplers, WDM, also supply the equipment of fiber coupler fusion work station, & also accept OEM/ODM project for customer's designed specifications.

"Apac Opto Electronics Inc,"

Offers Fiber Optics, Communication, Active Components, Ld, Led, Pd, Pin-T/A, Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver,Data Links, Stabalized Sources, Power Meters.

"Applied Fiber Telecommunications Inc.,"

Is Dedicated To Being The Highest Quality Supplier Of Fiber Optic And Copper Assemblies And Associated Products To The Communications Industry Assemble Products Of Unparalled Quality, And Continuously Strive To Improve All Of Our Products And Process

"Associated Opto-Electronics(Chongqing)Corp."

Offers All Types Of Fiber Optic Communication Products Like Transceiver, Receiver, Modules And Others.


At&T is the first national fiber optic network to be installed in Venezuela which will improve telecommunications infrastructure and provide CANTV with multiple long distance channels as well as digital technology.

"Automated Telecommunications Systems, Inc"

Patsi Offers High Bandwidth By Generating Low-Cost, Scalable, Multi-Channel Passive And Active Fiber Optic Interconnect Systems (Data Links) For The Internet Server, Computer, Telecommunications, And Aerospace Industries.


Axcen Photonics is based out of Taiwan, Taipei. It specializes in developing and manufacturing LD, PD Modules, Transceiver (SFP, SFF, GBIC and DSC etc). Axcen s mission is to bring advance and excellent technology and service to its worldwide clients.

"B&B Electronincs (US) Ltd."

they have expanded our expertise into fiber optic, wireless, USB and most of the specialty busses. B&B can connect PC and other device serial ports to anything, anywhere.

"Batm A.C. Gmbh"

Since its foundation in 1992, BATM has been excels in the BATM Advanced Communications in the design and manufacture of innovative high-performance communications equipment. Its leading edge technologies include fiber optic networking, multi-service transport, access solutions, and integrated voice, video and data services.

"Bechtel Telecommunications"

Offers a complete array of services for large fiber optic telecommunications efforts around the world, from front-end technical assessments to verification testing of completed systems.

"Bejed, Inc."

Bejed Incorporated has been designing and manufacturing innovative telecommunications products in a ground breaking field since 1972. Every day people rely on Bejed's custom-made products that are virtually unmatched in their standard of quality.

"Boston Optical Fiber, Inc."

Boston Optical Fiber, Inc. (BOF), the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of step and graded index plastic optical fiber and systems.

"C&L Communications Inc."

Specialists In Directional Boring, Fiber Optic Installation (Short And Long Haul), Operation Of Fiber Optic Blowing Equipment, Fusion Splicing, Implementation Of Routine Work Orders & Maintenance-Complete Telecommunications Systems, In/Out Side Plant

"C-Cor.Net Corp."

A leading provider of high-quality hybrid fiber coax technology and services used to facilitate and manage delivery of video, high-bandwidth data and voice over advanced broadband networks.

"Cable & Wireless Network Ltd"

joint venture company established in February, 2000 and it is located in CAT Telecom Tower, Bangrak, Bangkok; provides Internet connection services by leased circuit to our customers' LAN's, enabling businesses to access the web and public e-mail.

"Caoilte Telecom Products"

manufacturing facilities include state of the art equipment for the design, manufacturing, test, and repair of fiber optic interconnect products

"Ci Wireless Inc"

Leading supplier of wireless signal distribution products. Solutions for PCS, CELLULAR, CDMA, TDMA, GSM, Paging, SMR/ESMR, IDEN, LMDS, MMDS, AMPS and conventional two-way radio systems are available using over the air and fiber optic systems.

"Ciena Corporation"

Market-Leading Optical Networking Systems Form The Core For The New Era Of Telecommunications Networks Worldwide. Offers A Comprehensive Portfolio Of Products, Including Dwdm Optical Transport, Intelligent Switching And Distribution Technologies

"Cir Ltd"

Polarization Maintaining Fiber offfers Download PM Fiber Simulation Software and Polarization Isolation and Cross Coupling Introduction on Download Cascaded Device Simulation Software

"Cominet Corp."

Cominet Corp., established in 1994, has been exploiting the Mobile networking product business like Notebook PC cards and Optical Network business.

"Communication Specialties, Inc."

Csi Manufactures An Extensive Line Of Fiber Optic Transmisison Systems, Including The Unique Pure Digital, One Fiber System For Video, Audio And Data.

"Comnet Asia Pacific (Pte) Ltd"

Top performance in the fiber optic telecommunications and in manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories.

"Coretek Inc."

Communications, Telecommunications And Fiber-Optics Multiplexing Networks Using Mems. Vcels And Optical Tunable Filters (Mem-Tune) Using Mem-Sel For Backup And Dynamic Wavelebgth Rerouting.

"Corning, Inc."

Provides Special Communications & Consumer Products For The Telecommuncations & Advanced Fiber Optic.

"Corning, Inc."

Providing Special Communications and Consumer Products For The Telecommuncations and Advanced Fiber Optic.

"Covid Inc."

makers of Fiber optic communications systems, videoconferencing products, video conferencing products, coaxial and plenum cable and computer to video interfaces.

"D-Link Systems, Inc."

D-Link is a world leader in networking hardware manufacturing. Information about our award winning Fast Ethernet Network Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Network Kits, and USB products.

"Data Cabling & Engineering, Inc."

Cabling For Voice, Data, Video, Fiber Optics And Security Communications Systems.

"Data Network Solutions"

Provides Structured Cable Design, Fiber Optic Termination, Cat-5 Installation, Service and Certitification

"Dead On Directional"

Dead On Directional Is Your Fiber-Optic And Communication Cabling Solution.

"Diamond Communications"

Provides Cabling For Data/Telephone. Fiber Installation. Testing And Repair. Serving The Financial Community In Southern California For 10 Years.

"Digital Lightwave,Inc."

Serve The Fiber Optic Network Industry -With Innovative Products And Technology That Monitor,Maintain And facilitate the management Of Optical based Networks.

"Digital Transport"

Specializes In Bringing More Efficient, Cost Effective Solutions To Communications,fiber optic telecommunications,Internet, And Information Technology Needs Representing The Most Advanced Digital Fiber Optic Long Distance Carriers Available.

"E-TEK ElectroPhotonics Solutions (EPS)"

fiber-optic communication networks, including telecommunications, data communications and CATV, rely on couplers.

"Emerald Coast Communications Group,Inc.,"

Designers and Installers make up our nationwide network of telecommunications professionals. These teams have the skill, knowledge, and experience to design and install reliable, high-performance fiber optic and copper cabling systems.

"Fiber Optic Services, Inc."

Supplies Turn-Key Network Construction Services To Fiber Optic Users Primarily For Power Company Telecommunications, Data And System Protection Applications Providing The Most Innovative Solutions, The Highest Caliber Technology

"Fiberdyne Labs, Inc.,"

Manufacturer Of Hybrid Adapters:Singlemode & Multimode Male Biconic To Female Sc Adapters


Designing high performance in the fiber optic telecommunications devices and also develope fiber-optic communications for secure applications such as TEMPEST and SCIF.

"Fiberplus Incorporated"

Provides full service design capabilities for data and telecommunications systems, wireless,and campus.It also provides communication systems design, communication construction services, network integration, and client support.

"Finisar Corporation"

provider of gigabit fiber optic solutions. The company is a world-class producer of fiber optic subsystems and network performance test systems.

"Flag Telecom Holding Limited"

Provide direct access to the two largest fiber optic telecommunications.Assist customers to acquire backhaul through relationships with our landing parties in each country.

"Fonet, Inc."

manufacturer/integrator of quality, high-performance video/audio delivery systems that \ninclude cameras, transport systems, user interfaces and camera control devices. The FoN-194 Fiber Optic Video with Stereo Audio Transmission System is designed to meet or exceed EIA/TIA-250C Television Transmission Systems in Studio-to-Transmitter short-haul requirements.

"Force, Incorporated"

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optical Regenerators,Wdm, Dwdm,Adapters And Converters,Etc

"Foxcom Wireless Inc."

designs, manufactures and markets fiberoptic RF communication solutions serving the wireless industry.

"Global Fiber Optics Corporation"

Specialize in Fiber Optics: Custom Patch Cords, high density cassette modules,ribbon cable assemblies,trunk cables etc.

"Harmonic, Inc."

developer of innovative broadband solutions and technologies that enable communications providers around the world to deliver video, voice, and data services to their customers.

"Hitachi, Ltd."

A world leader in the fiber optic components market for data and telecommunications applications.World`s major and leading fiber optic telecommunications and data communications and industrial equipment manufacturers and designers.

"Hubbell Premise"

Hubbell Offers A Comprehensive Line Of Jacks, Faceplates, Panels, Jumpers, Raceway, Power Poles, Cable Management Systems And Optical Fiber Interconnect Solutions Including Rack And Wall Mounted Patch Panels, Connectors,Patchcords Etc

"Ibm Corporation"

Fiber-Optic Products Gigabit Interface Converters For Optical Data Transfer 1063-Mbps Gbic And 1250-Mbps Gbic

"Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc."

Products Include Fiber Optic Lighting,Fiber Optic Leds And Photodetectors,Fiber Optic Connectors.

"Infineon Technologies Ag"

As an industry leader in fiber optic technology, Infineon offers a standardized product range of fiber optic telecommunication products.Offers Fiberoptics For All Telecommunications Need.

"Instrument Technology Incorporated"

A Manufacturer Of Remote Viewing Technology Including Borescopes, Fiberscopes, Endoscopes And Videoscopes.

"Intelmac optical fiber components"

Intelmac is an optical fiber component manufacturing company with key feature components in the telecommunication, test equipment and sensor market field.

"International Fiber Systems"

Designs,manufactures and Offers high quality fiber optic video,data and telecommunications products,etc.

"International Fibercom"

Leading provider of fiber network development services to the telecommunications industry.delivers a unique blend of leading edge technology and time tested installation methods to develop quality networks, safely and ahead of schedule.

"Io Interconnect"

They Provide Online Service Of Fibre Channel Receptacles, Media Interface Adapters, Fibre Channel Copper.Since 1986 has serviced a wide variety of customers in the Computer, Networking, Telecommunications, and Medical Industries by providing premium quality products and related assembly services

"Iowa Network Services, Inc.,"

Provides Cutting-Edge Telecommunications Services To Thousands Of Residential, Business, And Telecommunications Industry Customers Around The World. 4,500 Miles Of Fiber Optic Network Serving 300 Communities

"Ixian Fiberoptics, Inc."

Specializing In Portable fiber Optic telecommunication Sets For Telecommunications.Several larger Fiberoptic telecommunication products manufacturers.

"Jaycor International"

Specialised in Cables, Connectors And Allied Products

"Jds Uniphase"

Supplies the industry with the most comprehensive range of advanced active and passive components and modules, test instruments,etc., for the fiber optic telecommunication products.

"Johanson Manufacturing"

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Products Like High-Rel Fc Aerospace Connectors And Adapters


Keptel Manufacturers Fiber Optic Management Systems Fiber Optic Closures, Outside Plant Enclosures, Cases & Splices, Transmission Equipment For The Telephone And Cable Industries Pots Splitter, Splitters, Couplers.

"Kvh Industries, Inc."

manufacturer of mobile satellite communication and navigation solutions, including fiber optic technology products.

"Larus Corporation"

Larus Corporation was founded in 1980 to manufacture telecommunications products for use by local telephone companies, long distance providers, and the public and private networks of North America.

"Lgcom Co.,Ltd"

A Professional Total Solution Company Providing Advanced Fiber Optic Communication For Telecommunication, Lan, Ibs, Fa Network Including Basic Material And Advanced Equipment

"Locon Sensor Systems, Inc."

Offering Glass-Fiber-Optics.

"Matrixx Technologies, Inc."

Specializing In The Design, Installation Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Fiber Optic Systems which includes laser light sources.

"Meridian Technologies"

engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of fiber optic communication systems for video, voice and data. In addition to standardproducts, Meridian also undertakes custom design projects for high profile customers.

"Midas Communication Technologies Pvt. Ltd."

designs and provides state-of-the-art telecommunication technologies that are sold internationally to licensees. These licensees are responsible for large volume production, field deployment and operation.

"Mrv Communications"

manufacturer of optical network components and systems. The company has leveraged its early leadership in fiber optic transmission into a well focused range of solutions, integrating switching, routing, remote access and optical transmission systems.


A Broad Product Line Including Affordable, High Performance Ethernet And Fast Ethernet Switches And Hubs, Transceivers, And Fiber Adapters.


Computer and Data Telecommunication engineering and services.

"Nordx/Cdt, Corp."

Design, development and manufacture of fiber optic cabling products and structured cabling systems for more than 100 yers.Gigabit and FiberExpress cabling system solutions are highlighted in a special feature section.

"Nortel Networks"

global internet and communications leader with capabilities spanning Optical, Wireless, Local Internet and eBusiness, serves the emerging and existing needs of service providers, carriers, dot-coms, small and medium sized businesses, and large corporations in more than 100 countries and territories around the world.

"Optelecom, Inc."

development, manufacture and marketing of video communication products for commercial and industrial customers, as well as contract research and development projects.

"Optical Fiber Network, Inc."

OFNI is a corporation in the telecommunications industry, providing fiber optic and wire cabling, connector components for fiber optic and wire networks, engineering services and network equipment repacking.

"Optics For Research"

Research On Telecommunications, Fiber-Optic Sensors, And Other Fiber Optic Products.


Produces Video Surveillance Systems That Integrate Fiber Optic Transmission And Flexible Video Switching With Sophisticated Control And Supervision Software. The State Of The Art Technology Employed Is Currently Unique In The Cctv Market

"Pacific Coast Cabling"

Offers Fiber Jumpers: Multimode Or Singlemode,Duplex Jumper With St, Sc, Or Lc Connectors.Twisted Pair Cables & Connectors And Ethernet .

"Pdr International"

Manufacturers of Fiber Optic Patchcords, Pigtails & Hybrid Assemblies,etc for telecommunications which is High in quality, polished with a fine finish so that core and cladding is free from scratching giving very low loss and highest performance.

"Pfeiffer & Son, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Solution Utilizing Underground Pullboxes and Above Ground Splice Cabinets,Fiberoptic Cables,etc.,for the fiber optic Telecommunications.

"Photronix M Sdn Bhd"

Premier World Class Company Specializes In Research, Development And Manufacturing Of Fiber Optic Communications, Sensing And Optoelectronics Components And Systems

"Physical Optics Corporation"

Manufactures And Sell Fiber Optic Communications Equipment And Holographic Diffusers For Display Screens

"Planet Technology Usa, Inc."

Planet Technology is a manufacturer of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet Network hardware that is currently \nbeing sold in 75 countries around the world. We offer a complete line of network hardware for the \nsmaller SOHO office up to large Corporate installations. We have developed a reputation for innovative design, high quality, and reliability, and cost effective solutions.

"Plank Optoelectronics Inc."

They Provide Online Ordering Of Fiber Optic Attenuators, Fiber Optic Filters, Couplers And Many More.

"Plasma Optic Fibre"

Plasma Optic Fibre Is Specialised In Single Mode And Multimode Optical Fibre Products for Telecommunication Industry

"Qpc Fiber Optic, Inc."

Your Source For Advanced Commercial And Military Fiber Optic Cabling Systems, Assemblies, Harnesses, Connectors, Cots & Mil Spec. Circular Connectors, Adapters, Attenuators, Fiber Optic Cables And More.


They Provide Fiber Optic Fc And Conversion Adaptors , Fiber Optic Convertors, Fiber Optic Jumpers.

"Rcn Corporation"

RCN constructs its own fiber-optic telecommunications networks.Provide broadband, multimedia services over fiber-optic telecommunication networks.Offers voice, video and data services over its fiber optic lines for telecommunication.

"Reichle & De-Massari Ag"

manufacturer of telecommunications cabling systems for environments.

"S.I. Tech, Inc."

Si Tech Manufactures Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, And Communication Equipment For Lan, Wan, And Industrial Applications . Shop Online

"Sdl, Inc."

Design,Manufacture&Sale Of Semiconductor Lasers,Laser Based Systems And Fiber Optic Related Solutions.

"Shanghai Uniwave Technology Co., Ltd."

SUWTECH mainly produce fiber couplers, attenuators, collimators for fiber communication.

"Star Telecommunications, Inc."

Is A Leading Provider Of Global Telecommunications Services To Consumers (Telecommunications, Phone, Dial Around, Long Distance, Private Line, Cable, Fiber Optic, Global, Telecom, Broadband, Telecommunications, Telephony)

"Telecast Fiber System Inc"

Telecast is the leader in fiber optic video and audio systems for digital HDTV, SDI and remote television video production.


Create a strong demand for deployment of Integrated Voice & Data Access Solutions, FiberOptic Network infrastructures, Energy Information Management Services for telecommunications.

"The Siemon Company"

The Siemon Company is a world-class developer and manufacturer of telecommunications cabling systems.

"Transition Networks, Inc."

Media Conversion Products And Specifications.Ethernet, Fast Ethernet ,Gigabit Ethernet ,Token Ring Etc .Media Conversion Is More Than Connecting Twisted Pair To Fiber.

"Tricom Technology"

Developer & Supplier Of Fiber Optic And Networking Equipment For Telecommumication, Industrial And Military Applications.

"Us Conec Ltd."

Fiber Optic Cable And Connection Hardware For Telecommunications, They Do Sale Of Mtp, Furelle Cables.

"Vari-L Company, Inc."

Designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of radio frequency and microwave signal processing components and devices used in the rapidly growing wireless fiber optic telecommunication industry,fiberoptic voice and data transmission,etc.,.

"Wescom Communications Inc."

Offers a full service for fiber optic telecommunication organization, with extensive experience in system design, consulting, engineering, implementation and full service maintenance programs.

"Wj Communications"

Develops And Manufactures Innovative, High Quality Radio Frequency Communications Products For Communications Networks Around The World Fiber Optic And Wireless Systems Which Provide The Backbone For Cellular And Internet Communication.

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