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"10:10 Computer Services Ltd."
Providing Cisco Rotors Robotic Wire Cable Assemblies Fiber Optic Tokenring Ethernet Thinnet Laplink Bnc Interlink Modular Adapters Monitor Keyboard And Many More.

"3 M Elecronic Markets Center"

Cable Assemblies .3m Offers A Full Range Of Custom-Engineered Molded, Press-On, Fiber Optic And Transmission Line Assemblies For High-Speed High Performance Transmission And Mdr High Speed Digital Transmission Cable Assemblies.

"A-Z Custom Computer Cables"

contract cable manufacturer, copper and fiber optic networks.

"A.I., Inc."

Cisco Equipment Cables & Cable Adapters, Access Server Series, Cisco 4000 And Ags Routers.

"Abl Electronics"

They Provide Cable Assemblies, Fibre Optics, Hubs, Switches & Adapters, Usb And Many More.

"Act Communications."

Plant Products Including Splice Closures, Splice Accessories, Restoration Kits, Tool Kits, Distribution Panels, Patch Panels, Splice Panels And Cable Assemblies.

"Adc Telecommunications"

ADC`s fiber products and systems provide access, termination and connectivity products for fiber-based networks, including fiber frames, fiber routing systems, test and system control products and components.

"Advanced Cable Connection Inc."

Advanced Cable Connection is a high technology company dedicated to building, troubleshooting and enhancing Local Area Networks, intranets & extranets, as well as providing custom cables, network hardware and accessories for customers across the industry.

"Advanced Lighting Systems Inc."

Products : End Lite Fiber Optic Cable (Stranded) ,End Lite Fiber Optic Cable (Solid Core),Side Lite Fiber Optic Cable (Stranded) &(Solid Core).

"Aero Tech"

Manufacture in fiber optics Positioning Products From Aero Tech . online catalog for fiber optic,etc

"Ai/Focs, Inc."

We Are Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic And Copper Custom Molded Interconnect Products. We Also Manufacture A Wide Variety Of Accessories Including Attenuators, Loopbacks, Test Sets, Splitters, Tools And Much More.

"Aksh Optifibre Limited"

Manufactures And Exports Optic Fiber Cables. Types:Duct Cables,Inter Connect Cables,Adss Cables And Armoured Direct Burial Cables.

"Alcatel Cabling Solutions Europe"

world leader in telecommunications for the supply of equipment, systems and services. It also plays a major role in the fields of energy and transportation; organizes training courses for partners.

"Alcoa Fujikura Ltd."

A Leading Global Manufacturer Of Aerial Fibre Optic Systems Like Fibre Optic Couplers like Configuration Guide for Ordering Couplers, WDMS, & Accessories.

"Alcoa Fujikura Ltd."

Offers Fiber Optic Cables, Accessories, And Sensors. Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Aerial Cables To Be Installed On Transmission And Distribution Lines.

"Amphenol-Fiber Optic"

Amphenol-Fiber Optic Products Is A Premier Manufacturer Of Optical Interconnect Products Like Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Attenuators,Couplers Etc.

"Andrew Corporation"

Andrew Corporation is a global supplier of communications systems equipment and services. Major markets are wireless communications--which includes cellular, personal communications services, and land mobile radio--broadcast and common carrier.


Fiber Optic Solutions For Industry.Wire & Cable: Figure-8 Mini Bundle Aerial Fiber Optic Cable,Ieee 3838 Fiber Optic Tray Cable, Hand-Held Fiber Optic Test Equipment, Universal Camlite (Unicam) Multimode Connectors,Spider Breakout Kit,

"Applied Fiberoptics"

company manufacturing a complete line of fiberoptic illumination technologies. The current product line consists of a complete line of fiberoptic cables, specialized surgical headlights, xenon & halogen lightsources, illuminated instruments, and rigid endoscopes.

"Aria Technologies"

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies : Full Service, Single Source Supplier Of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Guaranteeing The Highest Quality Connections Required For Today`S Systems

"ART-Photonics GmbH - EuroFiber"

Design, Development, Manufacturing And Testing of Fiber Products

"Atlanta Cable Sales Inc."

Atlanta Cable Sales has been a leading distributor and manufacturer of custom cable assemblies since 1978. Our assemblies and distribution products are utilized by customers in telecommunication, computer, and data applications. We specialize in hard to configure cable assemblies, providing customers with quality service and competitive \npricing.

"Aurora Instruments, Inc."

Complete Line Of Fiber Optic cables,fiber optic connectors,fiber optic Fusion Splicers And Accessories.

"B&B Electronincs (US) Ltd."

they have expanded our expertise into fiber optic, wireless, USB and most of the specialty busses. B&B can connect PC and other device serial ports to anything, anywhere.

"Banner Engineering Corp."

produces the industry's most complete integrated line of photoelectric sensors and fibers optics, a photoelectric sensor for every application. Banner is also a leading manufacturer of ultrasonic and photoelectric product measurement and inspection sensors and machine safety products including light screen systems, anti tie-down control modules, emergency stop monitoring modules, and safety interlock switches.

"Batm Connectronix"

designing and manufacturing fiber-optic networking solutions


Manufacturers of standard range of Fiber optic Cables Of Various Types such as BelOptix LCFTM 50 Micron Fiber,Laser Certified Fiber,Singlemode - Matchclad Fiber,etc.,

"Belden Electronics & Communications"

subsidiary of Belden Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of specialty wire, cable and cord products for the electronics and electrical markets.


Manufacturers Of For Both Indoor And Outdoor Fiberoptic Cables.High Performance And Flexible Structured Cabling Systems.different network cable products,offers one of the most complete lines of fiber and copper cabling solutions in the world.

"Brugg Telecom Ag"

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Cables And Systems For Data, Utility, Catv And Telecom Applications.Thermal Solar Systems Are Booming And Brugg Rohrsysteme Is Present With Lunarflex¨ Right In Front.

"Bussiness In France"

Cables And Fibre Optics - An optical fiber is a wave guide which enables optical waves to be enclosed and guided through a succession of reflections or by refraction.

"Cable Broker"

Fiber Optic Tools, Fiber Optic Tool Kits, Fiber Optic Cables, And Fiber Optic Accessories.

"Cable Connection, Inc."

Manufacturer of cable products and accessories serving the Electronics, Communication, and Medical industries

"Cable Design Technologies"

resource in the design, development and manufacturing of both copper cables and fiber optic, structured wiring systems and cable management solutions.

"Cablek Industries"

Specializes In Manufacturing Copper And Fiber-Optic Computer, Networking And Communication Cable Assemblies And Custom Electronic And Electrical Wire Harnesses. Cablek Is Iso9002-94

"Cables Unlimited"

Focusing On A Broad Spectrum Of Cables And Adapters To Supply The Specific Needs Of The Customers.

"Cablexpress Technologies"

To Build Your Own Custom Fiber Cable Try Our New Next Generation Cable Configurator. Our New Utp Cable Configurator skilled cabling technicians can design and build a custom cable solution to meet your most demanding connectivity needs.


Fiber Optic Cables, Scsi Cables, 10base-T Cables, Connectors And Networking Products Includes Sca Adapters And Terminators.


Provide A Complete Range Of Singlemode And Multimode Fc, St, And Sc Adapters And Connectors.

"Caoilte Telecom Products"

manufacturing facilities include state of the art equipment for the design, manufacturing, test, and repair of fiber optic interconnect products

"Cc Corp."

They Supply Network Equipment Such As Quantity Discounts On Domestic & Imported Interconnect Equipment For Data And Voice Communications, Cable Assemblies, Adapters,Ethernet, Fiber Optic, Lan, Pc, Token Ring, Bulk Wire, Cabling Tools

"Cei Communications"

Specializing In Lan Wiring. Services Include Wiring Closet Rehabs, Underground Installation Of Copper And Fiber Optic Feeder/Backbone Cabling, And More.

"Champlain Cable Corp."

Our Fiber Optic Products Line Includes Tight Buffer , Loose Tube, Buried Cable,,Indoor & Outdoor. Cables Avaliable Ranges From 1 To 288 Fiber Count.

"Columbine Cable Co., Inc"

Manufacturer of fiber optics to the workplace,fiber optic connecters,fiber optic cabling,Custom Cable Assembly And More Types Of Cables


Developing Telecommunications Technology To Deliver Digital Data At Multiple Megabits Speeds At Low Cost To Homes And Businesses Using Existing Cable Television, Fiber Optic And Copper Wire Media.

"Comcast Corporation"

Principally Engaged In The Development, Management And Operation Of Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Broadband Cable Networks, Cellular And Personal Communications Systems

"Communication Professionals Unlimited Inc."

California-Based, Installs Voice And Data Telecommunications Over Fiber Optics.

"Communications Systems Support, Inc."

manufactures various types of cable assemblies such as coax, twinax, Wang, RS232, and V.35, Bus & Tag, Ethernet and the IBM Cabling System. We can also provide custom and hybrid cable assemblies. We can supply bulk cables and components, from wallplates, rack panels and baluns to connectors, switch boxes, and cabinets. We can produce both small and large volume quantities. Our work with installations range from simple twisted pair cable to fiber optics.

"Comnet Asia Pacific (Pte) Ltd"

Top performance in the fiber optic telecommunications and in manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Cables & Accessories.

"Computer Cable Makers Inc."

Manufacturers of fiber optic cables for Adapters, Switches And Networks that includes 3` ST-ST Dual Multimode Fiber Cable, 6` ST-ST Dual Multimode Fiber Cable, 10` ST-ST Dual Multimode Fiber Cable, etc.

"Computer Crafts"

Computer Crafts Is A Worldwide Manufacture Of Fiber Optic And Copper Cable Assembles. They Provide Online Shopping.

"Computer System Products Inc"

Computer System Products, Inc. (CSP) is a full-line manufacturer of cable assemblies and a provider of networking hardware.

"Control Cable"

Since 1975, Control Cable has been an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of \ncustom cable assemblies, fiber optics, connectivity products, tools, testers and components.

"Corning Cable Systems"

Cable Assemblies:Corning Cable Systems Goldª Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies , Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies .

"Corning Incorporated"

Offers Single-Mode And Multimode, Including Leaf And Infinicor Brands, Plus Smf-28 Optical Fiber. Products:Leaf Optical Fiber, Metocor Optical Fiber Etc..

"Cuda Products Corp."

Manufactures A Wide Array Of Hi-Tech Fiberoptic Cables.The Highest Quality, High Performance Autoclavable Fiber Optic Cables.

"Cutler-Hammer Sensor Business"

Cost-Effective Plastic Fiber Optic Cables Expand Your Sensing Options.

"Datapatch / Data Access"

They Provide Fiber Optic Connectors, Modular Adapters, Modems And Many More Products.

"Datawest Cable Corporation"

Offering design, manufacture and sale of fiber optic cable assemblies including custom cables and in stock simplex/ duplex jumper cables made in the USA. Shop our secure online store for your data communications equipment needs

"Dataworld Solutions"

Fiber Jumpers, Fiber Optic Jumpers,Manufactures And Markets A Complete Line Of Fmultimode Assembly St/St, Multimode Assemblies St/St, Singlemode Patch Cords St/St. We Provide Oems, Resellers And Corporate End Users With Standard And Custom Assemblies

"Dead On Directional"

Dead On Directional Is Your Fiber-Optic And Communication Cabling Solution.

"Draka Denmark Optical Cable A/S"

Danish Manufacturer Of Fiber Optical Cables For Both Indoor And Outdoor Applications.Offers Single Fibre Cables: Internal Wiring In Cable Trays, Suitable As Patch Cord Cable. Multi Purpose Cable: As A Backbone In Local Area Network .

"Draka Usa"

Draka Usa Companies Are high Quality Manufacturers Of fiber optic Cables For A Variety Of Uses: Power, Control, Etc. it provides Fiber Optic Cables configurations chosen specifically for datacom applications

"Eagle Design Group Llc"

Manufacturer And Distributor Of Oem Fiber Optic And Copper Cable Products As Well As Network Attachment Products, Copper & Fiber Optic Cables, Wire Harnesses, Lvd Scsi, Fast Ethernet, Patch Panels, Patch Cords, Utp And Sctp Adapters And Many More.

"Ekris Cable"

Ekris Cable manufactures tokenring, ethernet, scsi & fiber optic cable assemblies and manual / automatic switch boxes. We specialize in voice and data communications and network installations in Connecticut & New England.

"Electro Products, Inc"

Provides: Computer And Wan/Lan Cables, Connectors, Transcievers, Terminators, Adapters, Tie Wraps, Data Racks, Patch Panels And Many More.

"Electro Standard Laboratories."

The ST-SC adapters convert the SC style and ST style in either single-mode or multimode applications

"Electrooptics Manufacturing, Inc."

Design, Development & Mfg. Of Precision Tools & Blades For Fiber Optic Cable Stripping & Cleaving. Creating Tools For All Termination Needs. Manufacturer of fiber optic cable assemblies and patch cords.

"Emcs Services"

Offersing also Fiber Optic Communication Transceivers

"Fiber Connections Inc"

Specializes In The Design And Manufacturing Of Easy To Install `Pull And Plug` Fiber Optic Cabling Systems. They Provide Catalog Request Form.

"Fiber Core Communications Inc."

All Our Fiber Optic Transmission Systems Consist Of Fiber Optic Cable And Two Or More Electro Optic Converters

"Fiber Master"

Compiled a complete selection of the highest quality fiber optic cables and adapters to meet your Fibre Channel connectivity needs.Single Mode Simplex Cables, Single Mode Duplex are also availble.

"Fiber Wave"

Offering All Types Of Fiber Optic Components


Fibercore Limited is perhaps the World's longest established manufacturer of singlemode optical fibres for special applications.

"Fibercore (USA)"

Optical fibers are hair-thin solid strands of high quality glass, which are usually combined to form cables for transmitting.The fiber consists of a core of high purity doped glass designed to reduce signal loss through the side walls of fibers.

"Fiberdyne Labs, Inc"

Manufactures Fiber Optic Networking Products And Photonic Products For The Catv, Telecommunications, And Data/Lan Industries.

"Fiberoptic Components, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Custom Glass And Plastic Fiber Optic Cables.a preferred OEM provider for the industrial, medical, and vision system manufacturers worldwide.

"Fiberoptic Systems, Inc"

a manufacturer of fiberoptic light pipes and other fiberoptic custom assemblies for aerospace, military, medical, computer, and industrial applications.

"Fiberware, Inc."

Manufactures A Full Line Of Passive Fiber Optic Hardware. Specializing In Lan, Catv, And Telcoapplications, Fiberware Manufactures Patch Panels, Splitter Kits, Pulling Eye Kits, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Adapters.

"Fibre Optic Solutions Ltd."

Light Devices,Light Sources-Quality Products Using Latest Precision Equipment Under Quality Control

"Fico, Inc."

Offers The Best Quality And Quickest Turnaround For Cable Assemblies In The Industry

"Foci Fiber Optic Communications, Inc."

Manufacturing, sales, design, and installation of fiber optic related products including fiber optic passive components, fiber optic instruments, fiber optic testing systems, fiber optic network installation, fiber optic CATV engineering, and fiber optic sensing systems


On-Line Source For All Of Your Passive Fiber Optic Networking Requirements - Connectors And Adapters, Optical Splitters, Attenuators, Tool Kits, Etc .,

"Fujikura America, Inc."

Provides Fiber Optic Accessories Such As Adapters, Splicers, Cable And Connectors.

"Fujikura Asia Limited"

one of Japan's largest producers of electric wire and cable, optical-fiber and related products and materials.

"Fujikura Ltd"

Leading Manufacturer Of Electrical And Fiber Optic Cables And Connection Hardware

"G-Cat Telecommunications"

we produce a wide range of fiber optic cables and related devices.

"General Cable Corporation"

A Leader In Development, Design, Manufacture, Marketing & Distribution Of Copper, Aluminium & Fiber Optic Wire & Cable Products For The Communication , Energy & Electrical Markets.

"General Machine Products Co., Inc."

manufacturer of a wide range of fiber optic cables for the telecommunications, Offers A New Varity Of Fiber Optic Mid-Assist Capstan.

"Glen Air"

The world's leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and Mil Spec electrical connector accessories. Your source for fiber optic systems, specialty connectors, metal core conduit, convoluted tubing, composite thermoplastics, components, backshell assembly tools and custom cable assemblies.

"Global Fiber Optics"

specializes in fiber optic patch cords, cable assemblies, fiber optic training, fiber optic \nproducts (fiber, connectors, consumables, test equipment, tools), fiber optic fusion splicing, fiber optic OTDR testing, fiber optic installation, LAN hardware/software and fiber optic LAN's.

"Global Technologies Inc."

Global Technologies is a full service, single source manufacturer of fiber optic cable assemblies guaranteeing quality connections for today's and tomorrow's systems.

"Globetron Company"

Fiber optic sensors and cables from Wenglor and Globetron offer some of the highest quality optics on the market. A wide variety of fiber cables are stocked.

"Gruber Industries"

manufacturer of voice/data cabling products. The company's manufacturing capacity ranges from Fiber Optic Products, Data and Telco Cables, and \nWire Management Products with inventory that includes over 5,000 products.

"Grupo Condumex"

Grupo Condumex Manufacture Product Offering For Data And Signal Applications, Including Fiberoptics Cables

"Gulf Fiberoptics"

Fiberoptics specializes in standard and custom industrial light guides. Our standard light guides are compatible with most photoelectric sensors,etc

"H&W Optical Instruments Gmbh"

Offers A Broad Spectrum Of High Quality Fiber Optic Cables, Especially For Spectroscopy Applications. The Fibers Are For The Uv/Vis And Vis/Nir Area With Core Diameters Of 200, 400 And 600µm .

"Hitachi , Inc."

Fiber Optic Cable :Designed For Use In A Wide Array Of Applications Including Intra-Building Installations Up To 500 Meters Linking Cross Connects Within Buildings Through Building Risers.

"Hitachi Cable Manchester, Inc."

division of Hitachi, Ltd, is the leader in innovative cabling solutions. We manufacture a comprehensive range of copper, fiber optic and electronics cable to meet the high speed information needs of todays' digital world.

"Honeywell Corporation"

The Fiber Optics Group Specializes In The Design, Development And Manufacture Of Active Optoelectron using fiber optic cables.

"Hua Eng Wire & Cable Co., Ltd."

manufacture various kinds of power cables, communication cables, optical fiber cables, optical fiber passive components, high quality oxygen-free copper wires and the like.

"Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc."

Products Include Fiber Optic Lighting,Fiber Optic Leds And Photodetectors,Fiber Optic Connectors.

"Interconnect Computer Cabling Services Inc."

Designing, building and installing fiber optic cables.

"Jch Wire & Cable"

Offers Fiber Optic Cables:Single-Mode, Multi Mode ,Premise Distribution ,Fiber Jumpers ,Heavy Duty , Interconnect Etc..

"JM Fiber Optics, Inc."

leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic based voice, video, data and networking communication products and services, including training courses and videos.

"Jpm Online"

An innovative manufacturer of cable assemblies, fiber optic assemblies and wire harnesses for the telecommunications, networking, computer and business automation sectors of the electronics industry.

"Keystone Wire & Cable"

offers a wide range of cables to serve the security, fire alarm and telecommunications industries.

"Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, Inc."

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing is a certified supplier for high-reliability contract manufacturing of electronic circuit board assemblies, cables, harnesses, and ground support equipment.

"Kns Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Patch Cords, And Connectivity Products Such As St, Sc, And Fc Connectors And Adapters Etc.


one of the leading manufacturers of copper and \nfiber optic cable assemblies, connectors, adaptors, rack panels and test equipment. We also distribute premium complementary products such as: ethernet \nequipment, KVM switches, bulk cable and fiber optic test equipment. Our entire product offering is stocked in our state-of-the-art distribution facility

"Lg Cable Europe"

Manufacturing and Selling Fiber Optical Cables and Accessories

"Lgcom Co.,Ltd"

A Professional Total Solution Company Providing Advanced Fiber Optic Communication For Telecommunication, Lan, Ibs, Fa Network Including Basic Material And Advanced Equipment

"Ling Sing Industrial Inc"

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Electronic, Fiber Optic Connectors, Adapters, Patch Cord And Mic Connecter

"Litra Manufacturing"

We Manufacture The Highest Quality of fiber optic Cable Assemblies For The Electronics, Fiberoptics Industries

"Lucent Technologies"

Fiber Optics Products :Fiber Optic Cable :Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable,Multimode Fiber Optic Cable,etc

"Luna Innovations"

Luna Innovations, Inc. (previously F&S, Inc. / Fiber & Sensor Technologies) specializes in developing and commercializing emerging fiber optic sensing, fiber optic component and advanced material technologies.

"Madison Cable Corporation"

Products :Fiber Optic Cables: Distribution Style Cables, Interconnect Cables,Cabling Architecture Etc

"Mainetti Technology Ltd.,"

Mainetti Technology Ltd.,provides all products of fiber optics,World Leaders In The Design And Manufacture Of Fibre Optic Cable,etc

"Mayflex Ltd"

We offer one of the industry’s widest ranges of quality cabling, and networking products.

"Mica Lighting Company, Incorporated"

Products Include Fiber Optic Lighting,Custom End-Light Animated Fiber Optic Displays And Cables.

"Mitsubishi Electronics America, Inc."

Manufacturer of a wide range of high quality of Fiber Optic Cable available From Our Company.


High Performance Copper and Fiber Optic Cables.New Products of fiber optics For Gigabit Ethernet Networks.

"Molex, Inc."

manufacturer of fiber optic interconnection products. The advanced Molex termination process delivers exceptional performance for fiber optic terminations and cable assemblies: the FlexPlane optical flex circuit provides one of the highest density and versatile interconnect systems on the market today; Molex MT, MTP and SMC connectorized ribbon fiber cable assemblies provide reliable high performance.

"National Communications Inc."

distributor and manufacturer of various cable system supplies.

"Nemal Electronics International"

Nemal Electronics International Is A Manufacturer And Distributor Of Electronic Cable, Connectors, Cable Assemblies They Have Online Shopping For Fiber Connectors And Many More.

"Net Optics, Inc."

leader in the field of Telecommunications Technology, continues to steer the way with cutting-edge advancements in Fiber Optic products and services for Voice, Data and Video Communication applications

"Network & Cable Products, Inc."

wholesale distributor and small business manufacturer of high quality voice and data communications products, fiber optics and structured cabling systems. Seminars are held once a month at our distribution center and are free to any company who would like to attend.

"New England Fiber Optic Corporation"

Design And Fabrication Of Both Glass Optical Fiber And Plastic Fiber Lightguide Assemblies.

"New Gage Electrical Company"

With Our Full Quality Computer Cable Assemblies And Accessories, Connections And Open Lines Should Not Be A Problem. A Decade Of Manufacturing Experience And Involvement In The Export Trade Makes Us Your Reliable Source

"Nitenday Industries"

Selling And Installing Complete Fiber Optic Systems Such As Lightings,Illuminators,Cables Etc.,

"Nordx/Cdt, Corp."

Design, development and manufacture of fiber optic cabling products and structured cabling systems for more than 100 yers.Gigabit and FiberExpress cabling system solutions are highlighted in a special feature section.

"Nu-Tek Assemblies Inc."

designs and manufactures standard and custom cable assemblies for the telecommunications and computer network markets. Other products are produced for specific OEM applications as well.

"Nupower Optics"

Specializing In Multimode And Singlemode Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Jumper Assemblies, Pigtails And Multi Fiber Back Bones.

"Ocean Optics, Inc."

Spectrometers, Accessories And Software -- That Provide The User With Remarkable Applications Flexibility. Users Can Mix And Match Components And Software To Create Small-Footprint Spectrophotometric Systems For Thousands Of Absorbance,Like Testers.

"Om-6 Telecommunications Inc."

Manufacturer of fiber optic cable assemblies including patchcord, pigtail, catv service cable, distribution cable and custom fiber assemblies

"Omg Booksource"

Offers Connectors And Good Connections. Els186 Fiber Optics , All Aspects Of Fiber Optics Including Connectors, And Cabling.


Constructed of multi-core fibers.Omrons New High-Flex Fiber Optic Cables,allowing installation in space-confined areas and in machinery where extensive bending is necessary with No Reduction In Light Transmission.

"Optical Cable Corporation"

manufactures and markets a broad range of fiber optic cables for "high bandwidth" transmission of data, video and audio communications over moderate distances.

"Optical Fiber Network, Inc."

OFNI is a corporation in the telecommunications industry, providing fiber optic and wire cabling, connector components for fiber optic and wire networks, engineering services and network equipment repacking.

"Optical Fibre Systems"

specialise in manufacture and supply of high quality optical fibre cables, high performance cable assemblies, termination enclosures, optical test and measurement equipment and supply of optical fibre cable installation accessories.


A leading IT company, which has been supplying the technology and products of digital wire & wireless network in new millennium era. Produces digital products such as digital satellite \nreceiver, subminiature MP3 player and EMF STOP internet outlet etc. Also, shall contribute our customer in domestic market by way of the reputation in export brand and esteemed products.

"Pacific Custom Cable"

Suppliers Of a wide range of high quality Fiber Optics Cables.Some Of The Fiber Cables We Carry Are: Fddi-1 1 Meter Mic - Mic,Fddi-2 2 Meter Mic - Mic,Fddi-3 3 Meter Mic - Mic,etc.,

"Pacific Interconnection Co."

possesses the most advanced facilities and production lines in the Far East to mass-produce fiber optic patchcord cables. In addition to patchcords, we also offer tight buffer fiber optic cables, such as Interconnect cables, MIC cables, Ribbon cables, etc. Besides, we supply a complete series of connectors, couplers, WDMs, and other fiber optic components.

"Pantron Automation, Inc."

Fiber Optic Cables:Straight Fiber Optic Cables For Through Beam Application.Bifurcated Fiber Optic Cables For Diffuse Proximity Applications.

"Patch Cables Plus, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Fiber-Optic Jumpers And Patch Cables. Products:Category 5 Power Sum Telco Assemblies. Leading Supplier Of Fiber-Optic And Copper Patch Cables For Data And Communications.

"Perspective Technologies"

Fiber Optic Interconnect Components From The Leading Manufacturer Of The Precise Fiber Optic Connectors, Adapters, Cable Assemblies, Attenuators, Etc.

"Photronix M Sdn Bhd"

Premier World Class Company Specializes In Research, Development And Manufacturing Of Fiber Optic Communications, Sensing And Optoelectronics Components And Systems

"Pirelli Informatica S.P.A."

Pirelli Is A Major Global Manufacturer Of Optical Fibers,Fiber-Optic Cables And Copper Cables.These Are Designed To Meet The Highest Specifications In Terms Of Quality,Cost And Time To Market.

"Plank Optoelectronics Inc."

They Provide Online Ordering Of Fiber Optic Attenuators, Fiber Optic Filters, Couplers And Many More.

"Point Source"

Manufactures fiber-coupled laser diode systems and custom-designed fiberoptic assemblies for use in industrial, medical, and scientific applications.

"Polygon Wire Management Inc."

Our Unique Wire Management Holding System Will Not Crush Wire Or Glass Fibers In Fiber Optic Cable

"Polymicro Technologies, Inc."

customer driven manufacturer and developer of micro-tubing, optical fibers, and related products for niche applications throughout the world.

"Precision Cable Inc."

we provide fiberoptics, fiber optic cables, attenuators, couplers, cabinets, special assemblies and many more.

"Premier Circuit Assembly,Inc."

Fiber Optic Products Such As :St, Sc, Fddi Patch Cords Meets The Requirements Of Voice And Data Communication And Single Mode And Multi Mode Fiber.

"Purdy Electronics"

Designer And Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Components Such As Adapters.Connectors And Fiber Optic Cables.

"Quality Interconnect Cabling"

Manufactures Standard And Custom Copper And Fiber Optic Patch Cable Assemblies Including Cat 5, 10base-T, Ether-Net, Cat.5e.


Experts In Fiber Optics And Cat5 Patch Cords,And Coaxial And Custom Cable Assembly Products.

"Red Hawk"

As a fast-growing division of Cable Design Technologies (www.cdtc.com) -- a renowned leader in high bandwidth copper and optical fiber cable manufacturing and structured cabling solutions -- Red Hawk is contributing to the accelerated convergence of voice video and data in the global market place.

"Redline Communications Inc."

Redline Fiber Manufactures Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies And Patch Cords Offering A Product Line Of Premise Wiring For Inside Plant Isp Applications, Networking And Cabling Solutions For A Diverse Customer Base.

"Remee Products Corporation"

Manufacturers Of Fiber Optics Cables.Prime Manufacturer Of Local & Wide Area Networking fiber optic Cables.

"Richard Losch, Inc."

Supplier Of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies To The Laser Industries.

"Rlh Industries,Inc."

RLH Industries Inc. manufactures and distributes fiber cable and cable assemblies and hardware. Our fiber optic products are of the highest quality and are shipped throughout the US.

"Rwe Telliance"

Fiber Optics cables For The Telecommunication Systems And Other Fiber optic products like connectors, cables, adaptors,illuminators etc.

"S.I. Tech, Inc."

Si Tech Manufactures Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, And Communication Equipment For Lan, Wan, And Industrial Applications . Shop Online

"Sacramento Electronic Supply Co."

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly . Offer The Availability And Performance Neccessary For Today`S Fiber Optic Applications. Whether You Require St,Sc, Or Fddi Connectors, Our Quality Assemblies Provide The Simple Solutions.

"Sandia National Laboratories"

Manufacturers of Fiber Optic Cables which are Light weight and Easy to Install.

"Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc"

serves electric power utilities and industrial companies worldwide through the design, manufacture, supply and support of products and services for power system protection, control, monitoring, integration, and automation; offers fiber optic transceivers and unterminated or finished cables, cut and terminated to your length specification.

"Sea Con/Brantner & Associates, Inc"

SEA CON/Brantner & Associates, Inc. is the leading \nmanufacturer of underwater electrical + optical connectors and cable assemblies.

"Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd"

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cables and Accessories

"Si Services Inc"

The One Stop Source For All Your Fiber Optic Needs. Online Shopping Is Available.

"Sifam Fibre Optics Limited"

They Provide Fiber Optic Components Online Such As Couplers, Splitters, Attenuators And Many More.

"SpecTran Specialty Optics Company"

Optical Fiber Specialist Provides Customized Fiber-Based Solutions For Data Communications Companies.

"Speer Fiber Optics"

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies: High Quality, Rugged Cable Assemblies - Which Are Comprised Of An Extensive Variety Of Assemblies - Are Available In Various Connector Types: Fc, St, Sc, Lc, Fddi, Escon.

"Spj Lighting Inc.,"

Fiber optic lighting is perfect for pools,spas,water features and landscape lighting.Our acrylic fiber is ideal for all water applications!End omitting fibers are available in 7 cable sizes

"Sr Components,Inc."

Offers Fiber Optic Patch Cable:¥ 62-125 Multimode Duplex Using Siecor Cable And Ofnr Type Cable Ul/Csa Approved.

"Sst Data Products"

Sst Data Products Such As Adapters, Terminators, Cables Are Avaliable For Online Shopping.

"Stocker & Yale, Inc."

Products Include Fiber Optic Illuminators, Lightings, Glass Fiber And Fiber Optic Components.

"Storm Products Company"

We are representatives for major manufacturers of wire, cable and specialty items, as well as manufacturers of these products. The aim of Storm Products organization is to provide a complete wire service center in each location.

"Stran Technologies"

Stran Technologies Developers And Manufacturers Of Of Proprietary Electrical Connectors And Cables and Fiber Optic Connectors Such As Tfoca Connectors .

"Sumitomo Electric"

Ave Produced High-Count Multiple Fiber Optic Cables And Optical Connector

"Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp."

supplier of optical fiber cable and related products to the telephone, CATV, utility, long distance, and datacom markets in North and South America. SEL also supplies products to international markets outside the Americas through its parent company, SEI, and trading companies.

"Sundance Computer Management, Inc"

Manufacturer Of a wide range of high quality of Fiber Otpic Cables

"Sunx / Ramco Inc."

World Leader In Sensing Technology:Laser Sensor,Fiber Optic Sensor&Narrow Fiber Optic Cables.

"Superior Modular Products"

Superior Modular Products manufactures a full line of products serving the Voice/ Data & Networking needs for all physical transmission media.

"System Connection"

System Connection is a manufacturer of finished molded and assembled cables and connectivity products

"Techman International Corporation"

manufacturer of fiberoptic products for the Medical, Industrial, and Telecommunications industries. We are also a systems integrator for communications networks involving RF/Satellite, wireless links and fiberoptic systems.

"Technical Manufacturing"

Cables, adapters, terminators from a leading manufacturer, importer and reseller of computer networking cables and accessories.


Teldor Manufactures Thousands Of Different Types Of Wires And Cables, And Is Geared To Design And Produce A Large Variety Of Custom-Made Cables. Fiber-Optic And Hybrid Cables , Fiber Optic Data-Transmission Cables Etc.

"Telebyte, Inc."

Offers Various And Advanced Variety Of Fiberoptics Cables

"Telect Connecting The Future"

Telect is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative connectivity solutions for the communications industry. Key product lines include fiber optic and digital connectivity equipment, digital access cross-connect systems, power distribution panels, and cabling and accessory items. In addition, Telect’s Integrated Systems Group (ISG) specializes in complete rack, bay, and frame solutions for connectivity applications, including design, integration, and installation capabilities.

"Telect Inc."

global designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative connectivity solutions for the communications industry. Key product lines include fiber optic and digital connectivity equipment, digital access cross-connect systems, power distribution panels, and cabling and accessory items.

"The Fibre Optic Shop Pty. Ltd."

The Fibre Optic Shop Manufactures A Wide Variety Of Optical Fibre Patchleads And Pigtails In House. Patchleads Are Colour Coded For Easy Identification Of Connector Ends.

"The Mnm Group Inc"

Manufactures & Markets A Broad Variety Of Fiber Optic Products,Cables & Adapters, Used As Stand-Alone Products To Meet A Variety Of Transmission Applications Over Single-Mode Or Multimode Optical Fiber.

"Thorlabs, Inc"

Thorlabs Designs And Manufactures A Variety Of Scientific Products And Instruments For The Optics And Laser Research Industry. Product Search Using Online Catalog .

"Tmc The Mate Company"

They Provide Adapters, Terminators, Cables, And Many More

"Top Develop Enterprises Co., Ltd"

Our factory was established in 1978, specializing in cable assembly (including fiber optic cables). We implement our goal - quality, price, service - in our day by day operations, with excellent results.

"Translight, Llc"

division of Rofin Australia Pty. Ltd., offers liquid core and polymer optical light guides


Provide A Wide Range Of Point-To-Point Communications Capabilities, Either As Leased Capacity Or Deployment Of Complete Systems. Our Offerings Include: Rapidly Deployed, Flexibly Provisioned, High-Reliabilitybandwidth Reaching Throughout The World

"Us Conec Ltd."

Fiber Optic Cable And Connection Hardware For Telecommunications, They Do Sale Of Mtp, Furelle Cables.


Features Fully In Compliance With Jis C5970 F01 Fc Type Connector Specifications , Zirconia Or Phosphor Bronze Sleeve Adapters Which Are Used For Telecommunications Networks ,Data Communications Networks,Catv, Etc .,

"Vital Concepts Inc"

Manufacturers of a wide range of high quality fiber optic cables which has Variety of ends for various light sources, with differnt diameters and are also Long lasting cables.

"W. L. Gore & Associates"

Provides an overview of how fiber optic cable and assemblies can be designed to minimize the effects of various stresses. Flex-Lite¨ High Reliability Fiber Optic Design Guide.

"Wave Optics Inc"

Fiber Optic Components And Assemblies Including: Polarization Maintaining And Single Mode Fiber Connectors Couplers, Attenuators, Polarizers, And Large Core Bundles

"Winston International, Ltd."

They Provide Fiber Optic Cable,Cable Adapters,Multiplexes And Many More

"World Precision Instruments, Inc"

World Precision Instruments is a manufacture of Laboratory Equipment in the fields of Science, Bioscience, Nitric Oxide, Life Sciences, Biology, medical surgical instruments and Physiology; and provides you also fiber optic cables which are broad Uv/Vis spectral range, sterilizable by eto and gamma radiation , higher transmission than pcs between 180 Nm And 300 Nm, Etc.

"Y.C. Cable Usa, Inc."

Designers Of a wide range of high quality Fiberoptic Cables of different models.

"Zumbach Electronics Corp."

One Of The Leading Manufacturer Of On-Line Measuring, Monitoring And Control Systems For The Wire And Cable Industry, (From Wire Drawing To Fiber Optics, Including Extrusion Of Insulation And Jackets) Etc

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