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"Asante Technologies, Inc"
They Supply Fiber Switches,Fast Ethernet Hubs, Switches And Adapters Plus Usb Hubs And Adapters And Many More

"B&B Electronics (Europe) Ltd"

B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. is a medium sized electronics engineering and manufacturing operation. It is headquartered in Ottawa, Illinois, about 90 miles west of Chicago. Computer interface converters are the principle products of B&B Electronics.

"B&B Electronincs (US) Ltd."

they have expanded our expertise into fiber optic, wireless, USB and most of the specialty busses. B&B can connect PC and other device serial ports to anything, anywhere.

"Canoga Perkins"

Offers Fiber Optic Products For Data Communications, Modems, Media Converters, Hdsl, Lan, Multiplexers, Wdm, Lan Extensions And Video Conferencing Products.

"Cfw Communications"

Offers Cellular, Paging, Voicemail, Internet Access, Microwave And Cable Television, And Cap Fiber Networks For Western Virginia. Also Offers Cable Modems.


Developing Telecommunications Technology To Deliver Digital Data At Multiple Megabits Speeds At Low Cost To Homes And Businesses Using Existing Cable Television, Fiber Optic And Copper Wire Media.

"Comcast Corporation"

Principally Engaged In The Development, Management And Operation Of Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Broadband Cable Networks, Cellular And Personal Communications Systems

"Controlware Communication Systems"

Our Fiber Optic Products Enable High-Speed Access To The Enterprise. Controlware Develops Fiber Optic Converters And Modems, Which Adapt Multimode To Single Mode, Different Wavelengths And Optical Power

"Cronyx Engineering"

Offers Digital Communication Equipment: Fiber Optic Modems, Modems G.703, E1 , Dialup And Leased Phone Connections And Physical Leased Lines.

"Data-Linc Group"

Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Modems Data Communications Equipment, Industry Modems, License-Free Modems, Radio, Rf Modems, Wireless, Ethernet Modems, Wire Modems, Data Modems, Industrial Data Communications

"Data-Linc Group"

Manufactures Industrial-Grade Communication Products Including Wireless Rf, Fiber-Optic And Wire-Line Modems.

"Datapatch / Data Access"

They Provide Fiber Optic Connectors, Modular Adapters, Modems And Many More Products.

"Equip Trans"

French Manufacturer of DATACOM products.

"Fiber Options"

leading manufacturer and provider of fiber optic transmission systems for Audio and Video System; organises as well fiber optic seminars.


Fiberopticmodem.Com Is Your Internet Link To Versitron Products. Products Include Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, Transceivers, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Media Converters, Micromodems Etc

"Hawking Technology Inc."

They Supply Network Products Such As Net Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, Fiber Optic, Modems And Many More.


consist of fiber optic modems, multiplexers, ethernet media converters, mode converters and multidrop modems. We also supply video, audio and combinations of video, audio and data modems and multiplexers. We can also extend your PBX or phone lines over our new Fiber Optic Phone Multiplexer withour incuring the excessive cost of a Channel Bank.

"Lgcom Co.,Ltd"

A Professional Total Solution Company Providing Advanced Fiber Optic Communication For Telecommunication, Lan, Ibs, Fa Network Including Basic Material And Advanced Equipment

"Luxcom Technologies Inc."

Designs Manufactures And Sells A Variety Of Fiber Optic Modems. Custom Design Of Modems For Specific Needs Is Available.


division of Versitron, Inc., manufactures copper to fiber solutions in the form of media converters, fiber optic modems, multiplexers, transceivers since 1958.


provides unique, yet affordable Optical Networking solutions for Carriers, Service Providers, Cable operators, Campus and Enterprise Networks. Fiber Driver product line is designed to address the growing need for connecting networks of different media and speed into today’s expanding fiber optic infrastructure.

"Network Access Systems"

Network Access Systems is a division of Litton. Litton is one of the nation's leading shipbuilders for the U.S. Navy and the largest builder of non-nuclear ships. Litton designs, builds, and overhauls surface ships for government and commercial customers worldwide.

"Nova Electronics Data"

TC Communications designs and manufacturers a wide variety of fiber optic communications products in Irvine California. The TC Communications' product line is broad and varied. It includes a wide assortment of Modems and Multiplexers for Point-to-Point, Ring, and Bus Topologies.


Computer Parts, Cables, Adapters, Tool Kits, Telephone, Audio, A+ Tech Stuff, More. Complete Online Catalog

"Purdy Electronics"

Fiber Optic Components

"Purdy Electronics"

Designer And Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Components Such As Adapters.Connectors And Fiber Optic Cables.

"Rad Data Communications Ltd."

specializes in product solutions for the telecommunications and data communications industries, offers fiber optic modems and converters.

"S.I. Tech, Inc."

Si Tech Manufactures Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, And Communication Equipment For Lan, Wan, And Industrial Applications . Shop Online

"S.I. Tech, Inc."

manufactures fiber optic communication devices such as modems, multiplexers, repeaters, hubs, and cable assemblies for LAN, WAN, and Industrial Control Systems. Many of these devices convert electrical signals to light, allowing data to be transmitted over fiber optic cabling.

"Semtech Corporation"

Semtech's Advanced Communications Products portfolio also includes the Industrial Fiber Optic Modem family.

"Sunnyvale General Devices and Instruments, Inc."

design and manufacture modems for the traffic industry. GDI will continue to form strategic alliances with companies that offer "new technology" for the traffic industry in the fiber optic, video, data, telephony and wireless fields.

"Symbex Australasia Pty Ltd"

Fiber Optic Products for Audio, Data and Video Transmission: modems, converters, repeaters, transceivers and more.

"Tc Communications, Inc."

TC Communications manufactures fiber converters, fiber optic modems, fiber optic multiplexers, transceivers and telephone extenders for data and voice applications.

"Telenetics Corporation"

leader in solutions for utility and industrial automation applications including dial line modems, industrial modems, AMR, Scada Systems, self powered modems, RTU's Automated meter reading, Cellular AMR, Bell 202T, fiber optic line drivers, rack mount modems, utility automation, specialty modems


Manufacturers Of Cable Modems For Hybrid Fiber/Coax Hfc Networks.

"Timension Inc."

creates new information systems through new applications of networking technology; provides fiber modems and multipurpose switch.

"Vector Infotech Private Limited"

offers fiber optics and data communications products, like cables, connectors, test equipment, distribution enclosures, tools & accessories, modems, repeaters, tranceivers, converters, multiplexers, extenders, etc.

"Versa Technology, Inc."

Fiber optic FP-type laser,DFB-LD Laser sources consist of a unique combination constructed on a single heat sink and packaged.

"Versitron Inc."

manufacturer of fiber optic modems, converters, transceivers, multiplexer and mux since 1958.

"Versitron, Inc."

Copper To Fiber Solutions In The Form Of Media Converters, Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, Transceivers

"Weed Instrument"

leader in temperature, pressure and fiber optic instrumentation.

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