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"10:10 Computer Services Ltd."
Providing Cisco Rotors Robotic Wire Cable Assemblies Fiber Optic Tokenring Ethernet Thinnet Laplink Bnc Interlink Modular Adapters Monitor Keyboard And Many More.

"A.W. Industries, Inc."

Connectors Designed And Manufactured For Standard And Application Specific Purposes. Telecommunications, Computer, Instrumentation And Consumer Electronic Products.


Offers Fiber Jumpers:For Connecting Fiber Links, Choose From Simplex Or Duplex, Multimode Or Singlemode, St-To-St, Sc-To-Sc Or St-To-Sc Jumpers, All Of Wich Are Available In 1-, 3-, Or 5-Meter Standard Lengths. Custom Lengths Are Also Avilable.

"Acs International"

Fiber Optics Products Include A Full Line Of Fiber Enclosures, Splitters, Couplers, Wdms, Distribution Frames, Cable Assemblies, And Other Related Fiber Optic Accessories

"Act Communications."

Plant Products Including Splice Closures, Splice Accessories, Restoration Kits, Tool Kits, Distribution Panels, Patch Panels, Splice Panels And Cable Assemblies.

"Adapters Dot Com"

Custom Flex-Cables For High-Speed Testing, Full-Custom Adapters Or Off-The-Shelf Solutions

"Adc Denmark"

develops and markets micro optical and optoelectronic products.High precision Phase masks for the manufacturing like telecommunications DWDM components and DFB lasers as well as sensors.Fiber Bragg Gratings.

"Adc Telecommunications"

ADC`s fiber products and systems provide access, termination and connectivity products for fiber-based networks, including fiber frames, fiber routing systems, test and system control products and components.

"Advanced Cable Connection Inc."

Advanced Cable Connection is a high technology company dedicated to building, troubleshooting and enhancing Local Area Networks, intranets & extranets, as well as providing custom cables, network hardware and accessories for customers across the industry.

"Afc Technologies"

SR Series SystemReadyª Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers and Extended Band Fiber Amplifiers are multi-channel input, high pump efficiency, tested against Bellcore standards,this series is especially designed for network integration.


designing and manufacturing fiber-optic cable assemblies

"Agilent Technologies"

fiber optic transceivers that will be half the width of transceivers available in the market today Ð reducing circuit board space in fiber optic data and telecommunications systems by up to 50 percent.

"Ai/Focs, Inc."

We Are Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic And Copper Custom Molded Interconnect Products. We Also Manufacture A Wide Variety Of Accessories Including Attenuators, Loopbacks, Test Sets, Splitters, Tools And Much More.

"Alcatel Usa"

Fiber Optic Adaptors/Attenuators Use Precision Zirconia Ceramic Or Phosphor-Bronze Split-Sleeves To Physically Align Two Connector Plugs.

"Alcoa Fujikura Ltd."

A Leading Global Manufacturer Of Aerial Fibre Optic Systems Like Fibre Optic Couplers like Configuration Guide for Ordering Couplers, WDMS, & Accessories.

"Alcoa Fujikura Ltd."

Offers Fiber Optic Cables, Accessories, And Sensors. Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Aerial Cables To Be Installed On Transmission And Distribution Lines.

"Allied Telesyn International"

Offers A Complete Range Of Ethernet, Fast Ethernet , Fiber And Copper Ethernet Adapter And Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Cards To Support The Leading Network Technologies, Architectures, And Operating Systems .


world leader in electrical and electronic connectors and international systems

"Amp LTD."

amp provides all types of fiberoptics products like RF/Coax Connectors,Sealed Connectors, Power/Utility/Outside Plant Connectors,etc

"Amphenol Corporation"

The Company Designs, Manufactures And Markets Electrical, Electronic And Fiberoptic Connectors,etc. Amphenol-Tuchel has added to its proven superflat Smart Card Connector line a solenoid eject PUSHMATIC¨ version with minimal outside dimensions.

"Amphenol-Fiber Optic"

Amphenol-Fiber Optic Products Is A Premier Manufacturer Of Optical Interconnect Products Like Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Attenuators,Couplers Etc.

"Antenna Systems And Supplies"

Distributes Microwave Antennas, Radios, Attenuators, Rf Switches, And Waveguides,providing only the highest quality antennas, attenuators, batteries,generators, grounding equipment,etc

"Aoc Technologies, Inc."

They Provide Supply Of Fiberoptic Connectors, Fiberoptic Ribbon Fan-Out Pigtail, Fiberoptic Adapters And Many More.

"Apa Optics, Inc"

Manufactures and markets advanced products for the fiber optic communications, optoelectronics and laser industries, including Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer (DWDM), ultraviolet (UV) detectors, Nitride epitaxial layers and custom optics.

"Apac Opto Electronics Inc,"

Offers Fiber Optics, Communication, Active Components, Ld, Led, Pd, Pin-T/A, Transmitter, Receiver, Transceiver,Data Links, Stabalized Sources, Power Meters.

"Archtech Electronics Co."

Archtech Electronics Co. Manufacturer And Importer Of Cables, Connectors, Network Supplies & Fiber Optic. Custom Cables Are Available. In New Jersey

"Aria Technologies"

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies : Full Service, Single Source Supplier Of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Guaranteeing The Highest Quality Connections Required For Today`S Systems

"Arose Incorporated"

is a full line distributor of voice, data, and video transport hardware. This line includes all types of inside and outside voice, data, fiber optic, and video cable with all of the necessary supporting hardware.Arose Inc. is also a manufacturer of custom cables and assemblies.

"ART-Photonics GmbH - EuroFiber"

Design, Development, Manufacturing And Testing of Fiber Products


Fiber Optic Component Supplier For Telecom, Industrial, Datacom, Medical, Laser, Sensors: Couplers, Wdm, Connectors, Patch Cords.

"Austin Cable & Wire"

Manufacturer For Category-5 Patch Cords, Category-5 Enhanced Patch Cords, 25 Pair Telco, And Fiber Optic Jumpers.

"B&B Electronics (Europe) Ltd"

B&B Electronics Manufacturing Co. is a medium sized electronics engineering and manufacturing operation. It is headquartered in Ottawa, Illinois, about 90 miles west of Chicago. Computer interface converters are the principle products of B&B Electronics.

"B&B Electronincs (US) Ltd."

they have expanded our expertise into fiber optic, wireless, USB and most of the specialty busses. B&B can connect PC and other device serial ports to anything, anywhere.

"Batm A.C. Gmbh"

Fiber Optic Converters And Repeaters Bor Seriesthe Bor Fiber Optic Repeaters Provide The Most Reliable And Far-Reaching Communications Link Between Msaus (Multi-Station Access Units) In Ibm Token Ring Networks

"Batm Connectronix"

designing and manufacturing fiber-optic networking solutions

"Berkeley Optics Co."

Berkeley Optics Was Established In 1993 With A Sole Business Objective: To Reduce The Cost Of Optical Fiber Couplers And Connectors So That Optical Fibers Can Be Used Everywhere, Including Offices And Homes


Manufacturers Of For Both Indoor And Outdoor Fiberoptic Cables.High Performance And Flexible Structured Cabling Systems.different network cable products,offers one of the most complete lines of fiber and copper cabling solutions in the world.

"Bill Weat Incorporated"

BWI's product line includes the latest PC hardware. \nBWI products are available on a variety of hardware and software platforms.

"Bomara Associates"

Bomara Associates: engineering and technology specialists servicing the computer market with leading edge technology hardware and software products.

"Browave Corporation"

Browave Corporation is a Factory For Fiber Optic Passive Components Like Fiber Optic Couplers.

"Brugg Telecom AG"

has developed a modular, cost-effective total solution for fiber to the desk, which meets the increased demands for bandwidth and speed of transmission and at the same time guarantees a long network lifespan. The system contains all the passive components necessary for a complete fiber optic cabling system from backbone to workplace.

"Bti Fiber Optic Engineering"

Dual Adapter Enables A Fc-Style Connector To Be Mated With Another Fc-Style Connector Or With A St-Style Connector With Similar Performance As Conventional Adapters.

"Cables Unlimited."

Offers Category 5 Patch Cords,Fiber Assembly Cables,Scsi I, Scsi Ii & Scsi Iii Cables And Rs232, Rs422 & Rs449 Multi-Conductor .


Fiberoptic innerduct couplings manufatured from aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic.

"Cablexpress Technologies ."

Leading Manufacturer / Supplier Of Rj45 Accessories, Rj 45, Rj-45, Rj45, Cat 5 Keystone Jacks, Scsi Cables, Ultra .8mm 68 Pin Hd, Scsi 1, 2, 3 . We Provide Copper And Fiber Cables, Custom Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Interface Converters, Terminators.

"Canadian Instrumentation and Research, Ltd."

manufacturing polarization preserving fiber optic evanescent wave devices for communications and sensor applications, including splice free arrays, interferometers, custom assemblies, precision mechanical assemblies and electronic control systems.

"Canary Communications"

Canary Communications was founded in 1987 to design, develop, and produce innovative connectivity products, specializing in the Ethernet \nLocal Area Network market.

"Canoga Perkins"

Offers Fiber Optic Products For Data Communications, Modems, Media Converters, Hdsl, Lan, Multiplexers, Wdm, Lan Extensions And Video Conferencing Products.


Provide A Complete Range Of Singlemode And Multimode Fc, St, And Sc Adapters And Connectors.

"Caoilte Telecom Products"

manufacturing facilities include state of the art equipment for the design, manufacturing, test, and repair of fiber optic interconnect products

"Casix, Inc."

We Produce Various Of Fiber Optic Jumper, Such As Sc/Pc, Fc/Pc, Sc/Apc, Fc/Apc And Etc.. Our Optical Jumpers Feature Low Insertion Loss, High Return Loss And Stable Optical Properties And Are Suitable For Connection Between Optical Transmission Lines

"Cc Corp."

They Supply Network Equipment Such As Quantity Discounts On Domestic & Imported Interconnect Equipment For Data And Voice Communications, Cable Assemblies, Adapters,Ethernet, Fiber Optic, Lan, Pc, Token Ring, Bulk Wire, Cabling Tools

"Cic Photonics, Inc."

leader in the design and production of innovative analytical and industrial instrumentation and sampling systems. CIC Photonics provides FTIR/UV/VIS sampling accessories and fiber-optic chemical analyzer systems for research and development, environmental, and industrial applications: spectophotometer, probes, multiplexers.

"Cielo Communications, Inc."

is a privately held company focused on Optical Components used in Telecommunications.

"Coaxial Components Corp."

Leading Manufacturer Of Connectors, Adapters, Terminations, Attenuators, Dc Blocks, Cable Assemblies.

"Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ)"

Fiber Optic Products which includes Fibre Optic Couplers, Fibre Optic Cable Assembly, Optical Assemblies.

"Com-Tech Electric Co. Inc."

They Provide Fiber Optic Adapters, Connectors, Modular Patch Cords, Copper Cable, Jack Panels, Rack System And Many More.

"Cominet Corp."

Providing optimized optical transport & networking solutions.

"Communication Specialties, Inc."

Csi Manufactures An Extensive Line Of Fiber Optic Transmisison Systems, Including The Unique Pure Digital, One Fiber System For Video, Audio And Data.

"Computer System Products, Inc."

Manufacturing Copper And Fiberoptic Cable Apadters & Assemblies And Is A Distributor Of Networking

"Control Cable"

Since 1975, Control Cable has been an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of \ncustom cable assemblies, fiber optics, connectivity products, tools, testers and components.

"Controlware Communication Systems"

Our Fiber Optic Products Enable High-Speed Access To The Enterprise. Controlware Develops Fiber Optic Converters And Modems, Which Adapt Multimode To Single Mode, Different Wavelengths And Optical Power

"Corning Noble Park Pty Ltd"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Single And Multi-Mode Optical Fibre Couplers.

"Cougar Components"

Hybrid Manufacturer Of Broadband, To-8 And Surface Mount Cascadable Amplifiers; Limiters, Attenuators, Agc Amps, And Limiting Amplifiers.

"Cove Industrial Enterprises"

Fibre Optic Communications Hardware For The Processing And Transmitting/Receiving Of Audio,Video

"Covid - Cactus Cable"

Allows Direct Connection Of Vga Computers For Signal Transmission Over Fiber Optic Cable.

"Custom Sensors & Technology"

Manufacturing Fiber Optic Accessories

"Dafocom, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment And Of Optical Bert Tester For 10 Mbps Optical Modems.

"Dan-Mar Company Inc."

Design, Develop, Prototype And Manufacture Power Sources For Fiber Optic Lighting

"Danpex Corporation"

Offers Converters which are CR-1000 : Media Converters Rack, CFM5000C : 100Base-FX Multi-Mode <> Single-Mode Fiber Optics Converter, SC and CEM2000 : 10Base-T <> 10Base-FL Fiber Optics Multi-Mode Converter, SC, etc.

"Data Base Access Systems Inc."

Codestar Fiber Optic Couplers Are Housed In Rugged Metal Enclosures Suitable For Either Standalone Or Rack-Mounting Applications.

"Data-Linc Group"

Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Modems Data Communications Equipment, Industry Modems, License-Free Modems, Radio, Rf Modems, Wireless, Ethernet Modems, Wire Modems, Data Modems, Industrial Data Communications

"Datapatch / Data Access"

We are pleased to offer a complete line of products and services to meet or exceed your Communications and Network needs. From Network Installations, Custom Cables and Patch Panels, to Modems, DSUs, Routers and PC hardware Upgrades, our highly skilled professionals will deliver total solutions.

"Decision-Computer Juergen Merz"

Fiber Optical Converter: Fiber Optical Rs232 Converter Mit Rts/Cts ,Fiber Optical Rs232 Converter Ohne Rts/Cts,Fiber Optical Rs232 Converter Mit Rts/Cts ,Fiber Optical Rs232 Converter Ohne Rts/Cts .

"Delphi Automotive Systems"

They Provide Connectors, Adaptors And Other Fibre Optics Many More.


Products Offers Optic Fiber Components From Adc. Adapters, Attenuation, Plug-In Connectors For Cable And Optic Fiber.

"Deltafull Enterprises Pvt Ltd.,"

Offers Fiber Optic Adaptors and Panels

"Diamond Gmbh."

The services and products we provide range from manufacturing fiber optic connectors following all common standards, through the assembling of customized fiber optic cables and fiber optical components, to the manufacturing of fiber optic couplers and fiber optic components

"Diamond Sa"

A Leading Manufacturer Of High-Precision Fiber Optic Connectors And The Preferred Supplier At Numerous Telecommunication Systems Manufacturers

"Diamond Usa, Inc."

Worlds Leading Manufacturer Of High Precision Fiber Optic Adapters, Attenuators, Connectors, Couplers, Tools And Equipment. Our Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (Available In Patchcords, Pigtails And Hybrid Jumpers).

"Diamond Wren Uk Ltd"

Diamond Wren U.K. Ltd Was Established As The Uk Agency For The Diamond Range Of Fibre Optic Connectors. Diamond Wren Also Offer Couplers, Attenuators, Wdm`S, Hybrid Adapters And Other Related Components.

"Dicon Fiberoptics, Inc"

Manufacturer And Worldwide Supplier Of Fiberoptic Components And Equipment

"Digi International"

Digi International Reinstates The Milan Technology . Milan Technology, The Pioneer Of Media Conversion, Was The First Company To Successfully Market And Sell Fiber-Optic Media Converters.

"Direct Optical Research Company"

Direct Optical Research Company (Dorc), A Leading Manufacturer Of Fiber-Optic Test Equipment Multi-Fiber Connectors, Including But Not Limited To The Mt

"Dongwook Electronics Co., Ltd."

Offers Fiber Optic Telecommunication Transceiver

"E-Tek Dynamics, Inc."

E-TEK Dynamics, a JDS Uniphase company, designs and manufactures high quality components and modules for fiber-optic communication networks.

"E-TEK ElectroPhotonics Solutions (EPS)"

fiber-optic communication networks, including telecommunications, data communications and CATV, rely on couplers.


Manufacturing A Broad Range Of Networking Assemblies Such As Connectors, Components, Gender Changers, Adapters And Many More.

"Ekris Cable"

Ekris Cable manufactures tokenring, ethernet, scsi & fiber optic cable assemblies and manual / automatic switch boxes. We specialize in voice and data communications and network installations in Connecticut & New England.

"Elcommtech Corp."

Specializes In The Design And Manufacturing Of Fiber Optic Telecommunication Equipment Like Couplers

"Electro Products, Inc"

Provides: Computer And Wan/Lan Cables, Connectors, Transcievers, Terminators, Adapters, Tie Wraps, Data Racks, Patch Panels And Many More.

"Entrelec Inc."

Electronic Interface Serial Data Converter / Fiber Optic Rs-232 / Fo, Rs-422 - Rs-485/ Fo . Interface To Silica Or Plastic Multimode Optical Fiber .

"Equip Trans"

French Manufacturer of DATACOM products.

"Ethercom Corporation"

EtherCom is an organization focused on customer satisfaction. The company designs, manufactures, and markets a range of high quality, cost effective networking products providing connectivity solutions for virtually any organization -- large or small

"EtherWAN Systems, Inc."

EtherWAN Systems, Inc. offers a wide range of market-leading LAN and WAN solutions to its customers. EtherWAN designs and manufactures switches for small business, campus, and enterprise environments. Innovative products include several fiber and modular switches supporting a variety of single-mode and multi-mode connectors.

"Eugene Electric Co., Ltd"

Products Include Fiber Optic Adapter , Fiber Optic Connector , Fiber Optic Patchcord , And Others .

"Euromicron Gmbh"

Manufacturing Of Detachable Plug Connectors For Fiber Optic Cables Developed For The Production Of Optical Fiber Cables.

"Extending Wire & Cable Co., Ltd."

Extending wire and cable Manufacturers Of Fiberoptic Components Like Attenuators,Trminators, wire and cables,etc

"Ezconn Enterprise Inc"

Ezconn Enterprise Inc Provides Fiber Optic Couplers & W.D.M,With The Featurers Low Excess Loss -Low Polarization Dependent Loss High Return Loss -High Enviromentally Stable

"F&S, Inc"

Research Of Fiber Optic Sensors, Systems, And Devices, And Also Offers Several Commercially Available Fiber Optic Sensing Systems.

"Feasa Enterprises Ltd."

manufacturer of fiber optic components and equipment.

"Fiber Connections Inc"

modular fiber optic cabling. Fiber Connections Inc specializes in the design and manufacturing of easy to install Pull and Plug fiber optic cabling systems. By utilizing the MTP connector we are able to provide a fiber optic cabling solution that requires no field termination of optical fibers.

"Fiber Connections Inc"

Manufacturer Of Easylan Modular Fiber Optic Cabling Components Including The Mtp Connector And The Gator Patch.

"Fiber Core Communications Inc."

All Our Fiber Optic Transmission Systems Consist Of Fiber Optic Cable And Two Or More Electro Optic Converters

"Fiber Master"

Compiled a complete selection of the highest quality fiber optic cables and adapters to meet your Fibre Channel connectivity needs.Single Mode Simplex Cables, Single Mode Duplex are also availble.

"Fiber Optic Communications, Inc"

manufacturing, sales, design, and installation of fiber optic related products including fiber optic passive components, fiber optic instruments, fiber optic testing systems, fiber optic network installation, fiber optic CATV engineering, and fiber optic sensing systems.

"Fiber Optic Devices Ltd."

Design&Manufacturer Of Test Equuipments Like Laser Light Sources,Optical Power Meters, Miniature Fault Locator.

"Fiber Optic Systems Inc."

Quote Request Form In Available For Fiber Optic Lights, Fiber Optic Star Ceilings And Many More.

"Fiber Options"

leading manufacturer and provider of fiber optic transmission systems for Audio and Video System; organises as well fiber optic seminars.

"Fiber Plus International."

Designer And Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Tools, Components, And Connection Devices.

"Fiber Specialists, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Jumpers,Fiber Optic Mode Converters,Fiber Optic Strippers,Fiber Optic Tools,Fiber Optic Patch Panels,Fiber Optic Couplers And Splitters,Etc.,

"Fiber Systems International"

global leader in fiber optic interconnect technologies for the military, industrial, broadcast and telecommunications markets. FSI designs, manufactures, markets, and supports reliable, accurate, and innovative fiber optic solutions. With more than two million fiber optic connectors distributed in 18 countries, FSI creates fiber optic solutions for any environment.

"Fiber Systems, Inc."

Connectors And Adapters Are Available In Standard And Hybrid Styles Permitting Coupling Between Most Combinations Of Fc , Sc And St Connector Styles , In Both Pc And Apc Styles .

"Fiber Systems, Incorporated"

Offers Redundant Fiber Optics Switching System Fiber Cable Assemblies Pigtails And Jumpers Bundled Fiber Jumpersduplex Pigtails And Jumpers Outdoor Service Cables Polarization Maintaining Jumpers

"Fiber Wave"

Offering All Types Of Fiber Optic Components

"Fiberall Corp."

Manufactures A Complete Line Of Fiber Optic Assemblies, Accessories And Equipment. Please Contact Us With Any Special Requirements You May Have.

"Fibercell, Inc."

Designing and manufacturing of fiber optic laser light sources like IEEE Controllable Laser Diode Drivers,Laser Collimating Optics,External Cavity Tunable Diode Lasers and Continuous Output Wide-range Tunable Laser Sources.

"Fiberdyne Labs, Inc."

Fiberdyne Labs, Inc. Products Include Fiber Optic Splitters/Couplers, Attenuators, Wave Division Multiplexers, Fiber Optic Distribution Centers, Fiber Optic Interconnect Assemblies, Ethernet Switches, Transceivers, Repeaters, Converters, And Ethernet

"Fiberdyne Labs, Inc.,"

Manufacturer Of Hybrid Adapters:Singlemode & Multimode Male Biconic To Female Sc Adapters


Fiberopticmodem.Com Is Your Internet Link To Versitron Products. Products Include Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, Transceivers, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet Media Converters, Micromodems Etc


Designing high performance in the fiber optic telecommunications devices and also develope fiber-optic communications for secure applications such as TEMPEST and SCIF.


developing and producing several innovative products in the area of Fiber Optic Data Communications. The main thrust of our product line \nand development will be to merge the superior noise immunity/speed of Fiber Optics with the multi-drop flexibility of RS485 copper networks.

"Fiberware, Inc."

Manufactures A Full Line Of Passive Fiber Optic Hardware. Specializing In Lan, Catv, And Telcoapplications, Fiberware Manufactures Patch Panels, Splitter Kits, Pulling Eye Kits, Cable Assemblies, Connectors, Adapters.

"Fibre Optic Solutions Ltd."

Light Devices,Light Sources-Quality Products Using Latest Precision Equipment Under Quality Control

"Fibrefab Ltd"

range of fixed optical attenuators have built-in wavelength independent optical filters and feature high power endurance and low Polarization Dependent Loss

"Fico, Inc."

Offers The Best Quality And Quickest Turnaround For Cable Assemblies In The Industry

"Fitop Communication Co., Ltd."

Offers Afc, Fc Type Adaptor , Asc, Sc/Dsc Type Adaptor , Ast, St Type Adaptor , Etc.,

"Fo&T Inc"

Manufacturers And Exporter Of Fiber Optic Productslime Attenuators, Wdms, Couplers, Patchcords,Adaptors, Connectors, Etc

"Foci Fiber Optic Communications, Inc."

Manufacturing, sales, design, and installation of fiber optic related products including fiber optic passive components, fiber optic instruments, fiber optic testing systems, fiber optic network installation, fiber optic CATV engineering, and fiber optic sensing systems


Fons Offers A Complete Line Of Fibre Optic Products. Products Such As Optical Couplers (Wdm, Wbc), Adapters, Connectors And Cable Assemblies Are Manufactured To The Highest Industry Standards.

"Fons Corp."

leading manufacturer of passive optical components and fiber optic cable packaging, distribution and connectivity solutions.

"Force, Incorporated"

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optical Regenerators,Wdm, Dwdm,Adapters And Converters,Etc

"Fotec, Inc."

fiber optic test equipment company.

"Fotronic Corporation"

Offers Fotec Connector Adapters For Fiber Optic Power Meters, Including Those For Plastic Fiber.


Manufactures Fiber Optic Devices, Miniature Couplers(1 Inch), Std. Couplers, Std Wdms, Attenuators( In-Line, Fixed Type), Patch Cords And Optical Switches

"Framatome Connectors International"

Has Rapidly Developed A Leadership Position As A Worldwide Supplier Of Electronic And Electrical Connectors And Interconnection Systems.

"Fujikura America, Inc."

Provides Fiber Optic Accessories Such As Adapters, Splicers, Cable And Connectors.

"Gc Technologies, Ltd."

GC Technologies, LTD. (GCT), located in Silicon Valley, is a leading manufacturer of high performance fiber optic components and fiber optic test systems. We specialize in quick-turn custom and off-the-shelf fiber optic products.


The Gemflex Gfx-45f Media Converter Brings Affordable Fiber Optic Connections All The Way To The Desktop.

"Gemflex Networks Ltd."

Products Combine High Quality Manufacturing With The Low-Cost Simplicity Of The Vf-45 Fiber Interface For Networking.

"Gemini Innovations"

distributes and represents fiber optic and RF test equipment, fusion splicers, optical passives, and digital test equipment.

"Gitup Industries Corporation"

They Serve Lapping And Polishing Fixtures For Optic Fiber Adapters.

"Glen Air"

The world's leading manufacturer and supplier of commercial and Mil Spec electrical connector accessories. Your source for fiber optic systems, specialty connectors, metal core conduit, convoluted tubing, composite thermoplastics, components, backshell assembly tools and custom cable assemblies.

"Global Fiber Optics"

specializes in fiber optic patch cords, cable assemblies, fiber optic training, fiber optic \nproducts (fiber, connectors, consumables, test equipment, tools), fiber optic fusion splicing, fiber optic OTDR testing, fiber optic installation, LAN hardware/software and fiber optic LAN's.

"Global Manufacturing Solutions, Llc"

They Provide Fiber Optic Jumpers, Cisco Cables, D-Sub, Terminators, Adapters, Gender Changers And Many More

"Global Technologies Inc."

Global Technologies is a full service, single source manufacturer of fiber optic cable assemblies guaranteeing quality connections for today's and tomorrow's systems.

"Go4fiber Ltd"

- Online Fiber Optic Superstore Offering Connectors, Coulping, Adaptors, Accessories And Tooling.

"Gould Fiber Optics"

Gould Fiber Optics Division Provides New Lines Of Attenuators Housed In A Variety Of Adaptors.

"Gruber Industries"

manufacturer of voice/data cabling products. The company's manufacturing capacity ranges from Fiber Optic Products, Data and Telco Cables, and \nWire Management Products with inventory that includes over 5,000 products.

"H.D. Communications"

Offers Rf Microwave Wireless And Fiber Optic Communication Products. Also Offers Fiber Optic Adapters And Waveguide Adapters 2.6 To 40.0 Ghz.


Harwin Is A Manufacturer Of Board To Board Connectors, Power Connectors, Miniature Connectors, High Rel Connectors, Custom Connectors And Associated Pcb Hardware

"Hathaway Corporation"

Supply of high precision, high resolution brushless DC motors and optical encoders to a leading manufacturer of test instrumentation for the fiberoptic telecommunications industry electric Utilities.

"Hawking Technology Inc."

They Supply Network Products Such As Net Adapters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, Fiber Optic, Modems And Many More.

"Highwave Telecom"

Highway Telecom Manufacturers Splice Protection Sleeve, Fusion Splice, Fiber Optic Connector, Fiber Optic Distribution Box And Other Telecom Products.

"Holland Electronics"

Offers Fiber Optic Connectors, Adaptors, Patchcords, Pigtails, Attenuators, Couplers, Power Meters, Etc ,.

"Houston Communications Inc."

Offers A Complete Line Of Fiber Optic Jumper Cords. All Assemblies Use Siecor 62.5 125 Micron Cables. The Connectors Are Top Quality Brand Name With Ceramic Ferrules.

"Hubbell Premise"

Hubbell Offers A Comprehensive Line Of Jacks, Faceplates, Panels, Jumpers, Raceway, Power Poles, Cable Management Systems And Optical Fiber Interconnect Solutions Including Rack And Wall Mounted Patch Panels, Connectors,Patchcords Etc

"Hubersuhner Fiberoptic"

components and subsystems for cellular / mobile communication, automotive, railways, building and civil engineering systems.

"Hull Speed Data Products Inc."

producer of high-reliability, state-of-the-art data communications accessory products designed to facilitate the connectivity and enhance the performance of a broad range of computer and data processing equipment, including mainframes, minis, and PCs.

"Hydrobond Engineering Ltd"

Hydrobond design and manufacture a variety of connectors including high voltage, surface-mate, high integrity and fibre optic products.

"Hypertronics Corporation"

Hypertronics Corporation - Manufacturer Of Connector Products Like Fiber Optic Connectors,Cable Connector

"I Photonics Llc"

Offering custom passive, active, and hybrid optical module assembly from rapid prototypes to high volume production which includes attenuators, cables, couplers, switches, etc.

"Ibm Corporation"

Fiber-Optic Products Gigabit Interface Converters For Optical Data Transfer 1063-Mbps Gbic And 1250-Mbps Gbic

"Icc Legal Attributes"

Offers Fiber Optic Jumpers:Multimode Fiber Optic Jumpers &Singlemode Fiber Optic Jumpers.Multimode Fiber Optic Jumpers: Icc Multimode Simplex And Duplex Fiber Optic Jumpers Utilize Ofnr Riser Grade 1 Or 2-Fiber 62.5/125 Micron Or 50/125 Micron

"Imaging Products Group"

the micro fiberscope's unique design and state of the art technology allows users to perform internal inspections in areas previously inacessible

"Imc Networks"

manufacturer of LAN/WAN connectivity products designed to extend the life of legacy systems and reduce overall networking costs. IMC Networks' broad range of solutions include media and fiber mode conversion products, IP bandwidth and traffic control products, and advanced end-to-end fiber management systems for Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet, with emphasis on fiber optic technologies.

"Industrial Fiber Optics, Inc."

product line consists of laser and fiber optic training modules, kits, equipment and supplies for Grade 3 through University, LEDs and photodetectors for optical fiber, all types of plastic optical fiber including, jacketed, bare, multi-fiber light guides and fluorescent, custom fiber optic patch cords, connectors, terminations and tools for plastic optical fiber, custom electro-optic components and sensors.

"Infozoic, Inc."

Offers Modulators, Detectors, Passives (Fiber, Couplers), Switches,Light Pipes, Fiberoptics, Lasers, Couplers, Switches, Filters/Gratings Etc


Products Offers Red Laser,Green Laser,Blue Laser And Fiber Optics Components Includes Fiber Illuminator Etc.

"InterCon Systems, Inc."

specializes in high density, high speed interconnection systems for the data processing, telecommunications, avionics, consumer electronics, and medical electronics industries.

"Interface Electronics Inc"

Offers Fiber Optic Products:Single And Multimode,Jumpers & Bulk, Molded Serial, Parallel, Cat 5, Custom Oem, V.Xx Etc..

"Intermec Technologies Corporation"

Data collection hardware, networks, wireless LANs, mobile computing systems, printers, labels and software to automate your supply chain.

"International Fiberoptic Technologies, Inc."

high quality, solutions-oriented provider of passive fiber optic components to the telecommunications industry, OEM’s, and CATV providers.

"International Wire And Cable"

Offers Fiber Optic Jumpers.St-St Jumpers And St-Sc Jumpers Are Built With Color Coded Strain Relief Boots.

"Intra Server Technology Inc."

They Manufacture Adapters. Browse Our Secure Online Store And Give One Of Our Adapters A Try.

"Io Interconnect"

They Provide Online Service Of Fibre Channel Receptacles, Media Interface Adapters, Fibre Channel Copper.Since 1986 has serviced a wide variety of customers in the Computer, Networking, Telecommunications, and Medical Industries by providing premium quality products and related assembly services

"Ipitek (Integrated Photonic Technology)"

Family Of Components And Modules That Are Utilized In Fiber-Optic Networking For A Variety Of Optical Signal Processing Functions, Including Splitting, Filtering Multiplexing And Attenuating.

"Ire-Polus Group- Ipg Laser Gmbh"

Frl Series Fiber Raman Lasers Contains A Wavelength Converter Module Is Housed In An Upper Unit.

"Isomet Corporation."

Designs And Manufactures Acousto-Optic Laser Control Components&High Resolution Digital Color Scanners.

"Itf Optical Technologies"

manufactures Dense WDM components, couplers, and filters.

"Itt Industries"

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic D Subminiature Connectors,Fiber Optic Multi-Channel Connectors

"J.J. Enterprise"

We Are Proud To Announce The Use Of Siecor Unicam Connectors. The Unicam Connector Will Cut Our Installation Time In Half Saving You Money.We Are Proud To Announce The Use Omni Scan Fiber Optic Testing Equipment To Record Your Systems Data.

"Jaycor International"

Specialised in Cables, Connectors And Allied Products

"Jbv Optics"

Fiber Optic CCD Couplers and Coupler Design

"Jds Uniphase"

Supplies the industry with the most comprehensive range of advanced active and passive components and modules, test instruments,etc., for the fiber optic telecommunication products.

"JDS Uniphase"

market leader in the design, development, manufacturer and distribution of advanced fiberoptic products for the telecommunication and cable television industries.

"JM Fiber Optics, Inc."

leading worldwide supplier of fiber optic based voice, video, data and networking communication products and services, including training courses and videos.

"Johanson Manufacturing"

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Products Like High-Rel Fc Aerospace Connectors And Adapters

"Jp Aviation Electronicsind Ltd."

aspire for unlimited possibilities with optoelectronics where the contents include Fiberoptic Connectors, Fiber Optic Couplets, Optical Data Links and Modulator

"Jye Kuano Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd."

one of the leading & professional manufacturers & exporters of telephone wire & accessories, computer network cable & assembly, fiber optic/patchcords, patch panel, PCB jack, hook-up cable, speaker wire & coaxial cable.


Keptel Manufacturers Fiber Optic Management Systems Fiber Optic Closures, Outside Plant Enclosures, Cases & Splices, Transmission Equipment For The Telephone And Cable Industries Pots Splitter, Splitters, Couplers.

"Kingston Technology Company, Inc."

Kingston Technology is the world's largest independent manufacturer of memory products for servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, and other electronic devices. Kingston is also one of the fastest growing contract manufacturers to global semiconductor companies and PC OEMs. Kingston also manufactures a wide range of Storage, Networking, Processor Upgrade and other Peripheral Products.

"Kitco Fiber Optics"

offer a full line of fiber optics tools, kits, connectors & certified training for both the commercial and Navy shipboard industry.

"Kns Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Patch Cords, And Connectivity Products Such As St, Sc, And Fc Connectors And Adapters Etc.

"Ko Sys"

Model No. 372 100base-T To Fiber Transceiver For Fast Ethernet (Available -220 Volts) , 373 10base-T To Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Converter (Available -220 Volts) , 374 10base-T To Single-Mode Fiber Optic Transceiver (Available -220 Volts) Etc

"Krell Technologies"

Krell Technologies Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Connector And Fiber Connector Polishers, Video Microscope Inspection Systems, Cleaning Supplies And Polishing Supplies, Polishing Consumablespolishing Films

"Kunming Electronics Co., Ltd"

Kunming Electronics Supplies Connector For Fiber Optic Cables,Push Terminal,Din Connector,Coaxial Jack,Pin Jack,Miniature Jack

"Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation"

creating a company dedicated to the successful manufacture and sale of innovative, high-quality products based on advanced materials and components.


one of the leading manufacturers of copper and \nfiber optic cable assemblies, connectors, adaptors, rack panels and test equipment. We also distribute premium complementary products such as: ethernet \nequipment, KVM switches, bulk cable and fiber optic test equipment. Our entire product offering is stocked in our state-of-the-art distribution facility

"Lambda Photometrics"

Distributor Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment And Active Passive Components.


First Nebs Compliant Fiber Optic Connectivity Solutions Introduced For Telecommunications Networks

"Lanex S. A."

Fiber Optic Converter Rs-232/C . A Pair Of Fiber Optic Modems Tr-21 With A Dual Fiber Cable Form A Standard Link Between Two Devices Equipped With Interfaces Rs-232/C (V-24 Ccitt).

"Larus Corporation"

Larus Corporation was founded in 1980 to manufacture telecommunications products for use by local telephone companies, long distance providers, and the public and private networks of North America.


consist of fiber optic modems, multiplexers, ethernet media converters, mode converters and multidrop modems. We also supply video, audio and combinations of video, audio and data modems and multiplexers. We can also extend your PBX or phone lines over our new Fiber Optic Phone Multiplexer withour incuring the excessive cost of a Channel Bank.

"Lasermate Corporation."

Manufactures Green, Red, & Infrared Laser Diode Modules & Products Including Laser Diode Modules,Laser Pointers And Fiber Optic Components&Products.

"Lewan Data Communications"

Lewan Will Custom Make Line Cords, Patch Cords, Telephone Cords, Fiber Jumpers, Rs-232 Cables Or Custom Backbone Cables. We Also Offer The Latest In Fiber Optics With Fiber Backbones Or Fiber To The Desk.

"Lg Cable Europe"

Manufacturing and Selling Fiber Optical Cables and Accessories

"Lgcom Co.,Ltd"

A Professional Total Solution Company Providing Advanced Fiber Optic Communication For Telecommunication, Lan, Ibs, Fa Network Including Basic Material And Advanced Equipment

"Lightech Fiberoptics, Inc."

quality source for fiberoptic switches, collimators, variable optical attenuators, integrated optical component modules, and component systems.

"Lightlogic, Inc."

Developing of a new class of active optoelectronic components and subsystems for ultra-high bandwidth fiber optic telecommunication equipment.

"Lightpath Technologies, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Lenses,Fiber Optic Assemblies,Fiber Optic Switches,Fiber Optic Passive Assemblies,Etc.,

"Lightwave Communications, Inc."

Offers Low Cost Fiber Extender For Pcs, Kvmsa And Digital Flat Panel Display Fiber Extender.

"Lightwave Microsystems Inc"

designs, manufactures, and markets planar lightwave circuits and integrated devices for advanced optical communication systems.

"Ling Sing Industrial Inc"

Manufacturer And Exporter Of Electronic, Fiber Optic Connectors, Adapters, Patch Cord And Mic Connecter

"Linos Photonics Inc."

resulted from the merger of the three prominent, traditional companies, Spindler & Hoyer, Gsänger Optoelektronik and Steeg & Reuter Präzisionsoptik, that has created one of the largest European suppliers for high-tech components and complex optical systems, the company manufactures more than 400,000 optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic components and systems.

"Litton Systems, Inc."

Poly-Scientific manufactures a variety of fiber optic components designed for military, industrial and commercial applications. Transmission systems \ninclude AM and FM video links, video/data link and data transmission link, as well as a card cage system which allows Litton's modules to be rack \nmounted in a standard 19" cabinet. Also available are hybrid transmitters and receivers as well as fiber optic switches.

"Locon Sensor Systems, Inc."

Offering Glass-Fiber-Optics.

"Lodan International Inc."

Offers Optical Fiber Cable Jumper Assemblies:Jumper Cordage Available:Duplex Zipcord Style, Simplex ,Duplex Round Style ,900 Micron Buffered Glass Etc..

"Lucent Technologies"

manufacturers of fiber optic Transmitters,fiber optic Digital Receivers,Fiberoptic Delay Lines,etc.,for the fiber optic telecommunication industry.

"Lucifer Lighting Company"

Manufactures Downlights, Light Strips, Tracks/Spots, And Fiber Optic Lighting Systems

"Luna Innovations"

Luna Innovations, Inc. (previously F&S, Inc. / Fiber & Sensor Technologies) specializes in developing and commercializing emerging fiber optic sensing, fiber optic component and advanced material technologies.

"Luxtech Co., Ltd."

Main Manufacturer Developing And Producing Optical Communication Devices Such As Ceramic Ferrules, Patch-Cords, Attenuators, Adapters, Optical Fiber Coupler, Wdm, Fdf Etc.

"MacArtney A/S"

The MacArtney Underwater Technology Group has recently completed prototype testing and the first production run of a new range of single mode underwater fibre optic connectors.

"Marubeni America Corporation Sunnyvale Office"

our goal is to serve as an import-export gateway to the global market, with a specific emphasis on delivering goods, services and technologies to and from the Japanese high tech sector.

"Mc Net"

Auto/Video Fiber Converter : FullÁ_S Audio/Video Fiber Converter Are Designed For Base Band Audio/Video Signal Transmission Utilizing Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable .

"Mei Research Corporation"

fiber-optic adapters and lighting products

"Methode Electronics, Inc."

Company leader in technology products also offering fiber-optic connectors

"Mf Lightwave, Inc."

Mfl, Inc. Has A Large Variety Of Products That Include: Connectors, Adapters, Attenuators, Couplers And More.


Makers Of Microscope Illumination Products And Also Micro-Lite Adaptor &Accessories.

"Microcosm Communications"

Develops And Supplies Pure-Cmos & Bicmos Ics For High Volume Fiber-Optic Data, Lan And Telecommunication Physical Layer Applications Products Include High-Speed Led, Laser And Vcsel Drivers, Fixed- And Variable-Gain Pin Preamplifiers, Post Amplifiers

"Micronet Communications Inc."

Micronet is committed in the development and \nmanufacturing in the data networking industry. \nToday, Micronet offers customers a broad range of data networking and communication solutions that include adapters, hubs, switches, SNMP network management, repeater, transceivers, print servers, USB hubs, wireless LAN, modems, internet IP sharer, cabinet, and the SOHO network supplies.

"Microphase Corporation"

Designers And Manufacturers Of Innovative, High-Performance Filters, Diplexers, Multiplexers, Detectors, Dlvas, Sdlvas, Microwave Amplifiers, Integrated Assemblies And Subsystems For Telecommunications, Advanced Military And Avionics Systems.

"Microsens GmbH & Co. KG"

manufacturers of active components in the field of data, telecomunications and network engineering.

"Midisco Microwave Components"

They Provide Fiber Optic Adapters Such As Gr900, Gr874 And Many More.

"Mingzi Electronics Co.,Ltd."

Mingzi Electronics Co.,Ltd.Is A Professional Manufacturer Of Electronic Connectors,Adapters & Terminals In China

"Miniflex Fibre Optic Products"

Miniflex offers a unique range of fibre optic products which simplify installation and minimise the potential hazards


High Performance Copper and Fiber Optic Cables.New Products of fiber optics For Gigabit Ethernet Networks.

"Molecular Optoelectronics Corporation"

developer and manufacturer of optoelectronic technologies that boost the performance of analog and digital information systems. Our focus is on supporting the deployment of high-capacity communications networks with advances in optical technology.

"Molex, Inc."

manufacturer of fiber optic interconnection products. The advanced Molex termination process delivers exceptional performance for fiber optic terminations and cable assemblies: the FlexPlane optical flex circuit provides one of the highest density and versatile interconnect systems on the market today; Molex MT, MTP and SMC connectorized ribbon fiber cable assemblies provide reliable high performance.

"Mrs Technology Co., Ltd.,"

fiber-optic components for network and communication


Mt-Rj Connector is Developed by a consortium of top electronic and connector companies including Hewlett-Packard, AMP, Siecor, Fujikura and US Conec.


Manufacturing A Full Line Of Fiber Optics For The Transport Of Video, Audio, Serial Digital Video And Hdtv; Broadcast Quality 12 Bit Digital Video And 24 Bit Digital Audio Fiber Optic Transport System

"Nanometer Technologies Inc."

Nanometer Technologies Inc in the home of the only true figure 8 fiber optic polisher on the market today. We also manufacture the NTI-32 connector curing oven and the PMI-1 ferrule protrusion measurement device.

"Nanoptics, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Custom Plastic Fiber Optics Couplers For Industrial And Medical Use.


provides unique, yet affordable Optical Networking solutions for Carriers, Service Providers, Cable operators, Campus and Enterprise Networks. Fiber Driver product line is designed to address the growing need for connecting networks of different media and speed into today’s expanding fiber optic infrastructure.

"Neptec Llc."

Connecting your fiber optic networks for minimal loss and maximum bandwidth

"Net Source Technology"

They Provide Fiber Optic Connectors, Fiber Optic Adapters And Attenuators, Fiber Optic Couplers And W.D.M.,Fiber Optic Products And Accessories And Many More.

"Netrix Technologies"

Manufacturer Of Premise Wiring Products, Fiber Converters, Patch Panels, Custom Products, Ibm Products.

"Networx Computer Cable Corp."

Networking &Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies Such As Adapters, Cables And Connectors.

"New Gage Electrical Company"

With Our Full Quality Computer Cable Assemblies And Accessories, Connections And Open Lines Should Not Be A Problem. A Decade Of Manufacturing Experience And Involvement In The Export Trade Makes Us Your Reliable Source

"Newport Corporation"

Manufacturer And Distributor Of Precision Components And Systems Used For Development And Application Of Laser And Optical Technologies. They Also Give Us Online Catalog Of Quick Shopping.

"Nicomatic (Uk) Ltd"

French Manufacturer Of Electronic And Electrical Connectors Flex Connectors, Crimp Connectors, Jumper Cables, Snapdomes, Membrane Switches, 2 Mm Pitch Connectors, Flat Cables Etc..

"Noah Industries Inc.,"

Fiber-Optic Depolarizer Is An All-Fiber, Lyot-Type Depolarizer Used To Randomize The Polarization State In Fiber-Optic Systems. With Its Low Insertion Loss And Good Extinction Ratio, This Product Can Be Used For Telecommunications, Fiber Sensors

"Nortech Fibronic Inc."

Manufacturers Of Fiber-Optic Thermometers,the design, manufacture and application of high performance fiber-optic sensors

"Nortel Networks"

global internet and communications leader with capabilities spanning Optical, Wireless, Local Internet and eBusiness, serves the emerging and existing needs of service providers, carriers, dot-coms, small and medium sized businesses, and large corporations in more than 100 countries and territories around the world.

"Nova Electronics Data"

TC Communications designs and manufacturers a wide variety of fiber optic communications products in Irvine California. The TC Communications' product line is broad and varied. It includes a wide assortment of Modems and Multiplexers for Point-to-Point, Ring, and Bus Topologies.

"Ntt Advanced Technology Corporation"

Design And Assembly Technology Of Sc Fiber Optic Connectors, Sc Connector Technology To Connect Optical Fibers For Telecommunication Equipment And Circuits.

"Nupower Optics"

Specializing In Multimode And Singlemode Fiber Optic Patch Cords, Jumper Assemblies, Pigtails And Multi Fiber Back Bones.

"Nvision Inc."

Nvision offers optical to electrical converters and fiber optic tranceivers.

"Nz Applied Technologies"

manufacturer Of Photonic Components For Optical Telecommunications Applications. Recently, Nzat Introduced The Eclipseª Series Of Variable Optical Attenuators.

"O/E Land Inc."

specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing of phase masks, fiber Bragg gratings, high power metal masks, V-Groove, broadband fiber optical light source, the fiber-optic recirculating loop, the hydrogen loading system, Raman Amplifier Simulator, fiber grating simulation tool. We also have a large selection of high quality, low cost fiber passive components.

"Ocean Optics, Inc."

Spectrometers, Accessories And Software -- That Provide The User With Remarkable Applications Flexibility. Users Can Mix And Match Components And Software To Create Small-Footprint Spectrophotometric Systems For Thousands Of Absorbance,Like Testers.

"OMC - Fibredata. Custom fiber optics"

OMC - Fibredata tailor manufacture fiber optic cables, assemblie and accessories to suit our clients needs.

"Omg Booksource"

Offers Connectors And Good Connections. Els186 Fiber Optics , All Aspects Of Fiber Optics Including Connectors, And Cabling.

"Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc."

dedicated to designing and manufacturing networking products that are reliable, flexible and versatile. As a leading company in optimizing fiber and copper connectivity solutions, Omnitron Systems offers a wide range of Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, Token Ring and 5250 twinax products for local area networks and IBM AS/400 systems.

"Open Networks"

develop and source the best products through their unique technical expertise, and just as importantly, to ensure that IT Managers, Datacomms Managers and Telecoms Managers were given a professional service that embraced total solutions based on individual requirement

"Oplink Communications Inc."

Oplink designs, manufactures and markets fiber optic networking components and integrated optical modules that increase the performance of optical networks.

"Optical Fibre Systems"

specialise in manufacture and supply of high quality optical fibre cables, high performance cable assemblies, termination enclosures, optical test and measurement equipment and supply of optical fibre cable installation accessories.

"OptiSolutions, Inc."

leading edge broadband technology engineering and manufacturing company. Product lines include: Fiber Optic, Satellite and CATV. Optisolutions, Inc. a Division of Andes Industries, Inc.

"Optocom Corporation."

Manufacturer Of Fiber Optical Transmitters And Receivers.

"Ortronics Global Headquarters"

Ortronics fulfill global customers' connectivity needs by developing leading edge products, offering complete system solutions and servicing them professionally and knowledgeably.

"Pacific Coast Cabling"

Offers Fiber Jumpers: Multimode Or Singlemode,Duplex Jumper With St, Sc, Or Lc Connectors.Twisted Pair Cables & Connectors And Ethernet .

"Packard Hughes Interconnect"

Packard-Hughes Interconnect (Phi) Develops And Manufactures Interconnection Products, Such As High-Density, Rugged Electrical And Fiber-Optic Connectors, Electronic Assemblies, Flexible Circuits, And Cable Assemblies.

"Pamir Electronics Corp."

Full Product Line Of Fiber Optic Products Includes Adapters ,Optical Power Meter,Test Equipment For Monitoring, Analyzing And Protecting Fiber-Optic Cables .

"Pandatel Ag"

Fc-A Fiber Optic Converter For Asynchronous Data Transmission, Fv-C Fiber Optic Video And Data Converter, Fa-C Fiber Optic Audio And Data Converter,Fa Fiber Optic Audio Converter,Fv Fiber Optic Video Converter .

"Panduit Corp."

Offers Wiring And Communication Products, Network Cabling Systems, Cable And Wiring Accessories. Products Include Copper And Fiber Optic Connectors And Patch Cords, Communication Outlets Etc..

"Paralan Corporation"

Csi Expander Products And Our Newest Lvd Version. Includes: Scsi Converters/Extenders, Fiber Optic Extenders, Scsi Bus Regenerators, Scsi Switches, Scsi Asics, Scsi Quiet Cable And Scsi Cable Testers.

"Patch Cables Plus, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Fiber-Optic Jumpers And Patch Cables. Products:Category 5 Power Sum Telco Assemblies. Leading Supplier Of Fiber-Optic And Copper Patch Cables For Data And Communications.

"Pathfinder International."

Led Enhanced Super Fiber Optic Jumper Assembly Available In A Single Mode, Multimode, Simplex And Duplex Fiber Jumpers.

"Pd-Ld, Inc."

Offers A Complete Fiber-Coupled Laser Light Source, Operating From Either An Ac/Dc Transformer

"Pdr Fiber-Optic"

Pdr Fiber-Optic Is A Leading Manufacturer / Exporter Of Fiber Optic Adapters And Attenuators.

"Pdr International"

Manufacturers of Fiber Optic Patchcords, Pigtails & Hybrid Assemblies,etc for telecommunications which is High in quality, polished with a fine finish so that core and cladding is free from scratching giving very low loss and highest performance.

"Pearl Communication Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd."

manufactures fiber-optic passive components such as coupler / splitters, wavelength-division multiplexers, pacthcords, attenuator, adapters.

"Penn-Tech Sales"

They Supply Products Such As Cables, Connectors, Adapters, Fiber Optic Devices, Hubs & Switches, And Offer Consulting and Installation Services.

"Perspective Technologies"

Fiber Optic Interconnect Components From The Leading Manufacturer Of The Precise Fiber Optic Connectors, Adapters, Cable Assemblies, Attenuators, Etc.

"Photonic Marketing Corp."

Most Popular Operational Wave Lengths And Fiber Optic Dual Window Couplers

"Photonic Marketing Corp."

They Provide Fiber Optic Devices/Components Such As: Connectors, Adapters, Attenuators, Couplers And Special Optical Cables.

"Photonic Power Systems Inc."

The Worlds Leading Manufacturer Of fiber optic Photovoltaic Power Converter,fiber optic Powered Temperature Sensors,fiber optic Integrated Laser Driver System with Safety Feature,etc.,

"Planet Technology Usa, Inc."

Planet Technology is a manufacturer of Ethernet and Fast Ethernet Network hardware that is currently \nbeing sold in 75 countries around the world. We offer a complete line of network hardware for the \nsmaller SOHO office up to large Corporate installations. We have developed a reputation for innovative design, high quality, and reliability, and cost effective solutions.

"Plank Optoelectronics Inc."

They Provide Online Ordering Of Fiber Optic Attenuators, Fiber Optic Filters, Couplers And Many More.

"Plasma Optic Fibre"

Plasma Optic Fibre Is Specialised In Single Mode And Multimode Optical Fibre Products for Telecommunication Industry

"Polarizer IR UV VIS"

Polarizer for IR (infrared), UV (ultraviolet) and VIS (visible) spectra range

"Power Technology,Inc."

Offer several fiber optic options for coupling to our laser systems. All fibers are permanently attached to the laser.Products Includes A Laser Diode In The Base Price.

"Precision Analog Systems"

designs and manufacturers high performance data acquisition and control products. Our family of standard products includes VME Analog Input, Output and Amplifier Cards and VME Digital Input / Output Cards. All Input and Output Cards feature A32, D32 VME bus interfaces. RTP enhancement products include test fixtures for Analog and Digital I / O cards and a Fiber Optic Bus Extender.

"Precision Cable Inc."

we provide fiberoptics, fiber optic cables, attenuators, couplers, cabinets, special assemblies and many more.

"Precision Projection Systems"

Input Coupler ,Output Couplers Are The 2 Main Types Of Couplers Available.

"Pulsar Technologies, Inc."

design and manufacture of specialized communications products for Electric Utility, Telephone and Industrial applications using Fiber Optic and Power-Line Carrier Technologies. Offers: E1 Multiplexer, Teleprotection, Prism, E1 Multiplexer, Teleprotection, Prism; designs and manufactures specialized communications like Fiber Optic Interface for HCB and HCB-1 Relays.

"Purdy Electronics"

Fiber Optic Components

"Purdy Electronics"

Designer And Manufacturer Of Fiber Optic Components Such As Adapters.Connectors And Fiber Optic Cables.

"Qualop Systems Corporation"

manufacturer of Fiberoptic Components and Optical Communication Products for the Information Superhighway Infrastructure. Our superior line of Fiberoptic Isolators, Optical Transmitters and Optical Receivers offers the highest quality and best performance-to-cost features and specifications in the entire CATV, Telecommunications and Data Communications Industries.


Offers Fiber Optic Jumpers.Types:Fddi, Sc, Mtrg, St.Multimode Or Single Mode Connections Available.

"Racore Technology Corporation"

OptiCore, the Fiber Optic network products from Racore Technology offer the broadest range of fiber optic connections available.

"Radiall Global Interconnect Solutions"

A Global Manufacturer Of Interconnect Products And Components Including Coaxial, Fiberoptic Adapter

"Radiant Communications Corp."

manufactures fiber optic components for use in the transmission of voice, video, and data over fiber \ncables for the following applications: Distance Learning, LAN/WAN, PBX Connections, T1/T3, ATM, Video Conferencing and Security.

"Radiant Research, Inc"

provides innovative lightwave components for the optical networks.

"Raychem Corporation"

Offers Pigtails, Jumpers And Adapter Kits.Jumpers (Fsa-J) Are Single-Modesinglefibercablespre-Assembled With A Connector At Both Ends. They Are Typically Used To Cross-Connect Patch Panel To Patch Panel Andtointerconnectpatchpanelstooptical Equipment


They Provide Fiber Optic Fc And Conversion Adaptors , Fiber Optic Convertors, Fiber Optic Jumpers.

"Red Hawk"

As a fast-growing division of Cable Design Technologies (www.cdtc.com) -- a renowned leader in high bandwidth copper and optical fiber cable manufacturing and structured cabling solutions -- Red Hawk is contributing to the accelerated convergence of voice video and data in the global market place.

"Redline Communications Inc."

Redline Fiber Manufactures Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies And Patch Cords Offering A Product Line Of Premise Wiring For Inside Plant Isp Applications, Networking And Cabling Solutions For A Diverse Customer Base.

"Relcom Inc."

specializes in the design, manufacture, and distribution of wiring components and test equipment.

"Resonance Photonics."

Designs And Manufactures Photonics Components For Use In Next Generation Fiber Amplifier And Laser Modules. Resonance Photonics Components Include High Performance Multimode Multiplexers For Building High Power Pumps For Raman Amplification.

"Richard Losch, Inc."

Supplier Of Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies To The Laser Industries.

"Rifocs Corp."

Offers Fiber Optic Components Such As Fiber Optic Adpters, Fiber Optic Connectors And Inline Attenuators.

"Rifocs Corporation"

RIFOCS serves a worldwide market with distributors Our main markets are Components manufacturing, CATV/Telephony, Data communication (LAN & Industrial), Aerospace/Avionics and Defense applications.

"Robust DataComm"

Rdc23fo - Rs-232 Fiber Optic Converter . He Rdc232fo Is Ideal For Panel-Mount With Standard 12vdc, 24vdc, Or 48vdc Industrial Supplies Are Required.Isolation Options For Fiber Optics . -1p - Non-Isolated Converter.

"Rwe Telliance"

Fiber Optics cables For The Telecommunication Systems And Other Fiber optic products like connectors, cables, adaptors,illuminators etc.

"S.I. Tech, Inc."

manufactures fiber optic communication devices such as modems, multiplexers, repeaters, hubs, and cable assemblies for LAN, WAN, and Industrial Control Systems. Many of these devices convert electrical signals to light, allowing data to be transmitted over fiber optic cabling.

"Sabtech Industries"

Standard items such as NTDS connectors, connector transition cables in many configurations and lengths, loop back connectors, transition modules, mating connectors, and fiber optic conversion modules are in stock for immediate delivery.

"Santec Corporation"

We Produce A Wide Variety Of Optical Components That Use In Particular Multi-Layer Dielectric Interference Filters.Also Produce A Full Range Of Other Components Including Optical Delay Lines, And Variable Optical Attenuators.

"Schott Fiber Optics"

a world-leading custom designer and manufacturer of custom fiber optic lighting imaging components and systems for industrial, medical, scientific and commercial applications

"Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc"

serves electric power utilities and industrial companies worldwide through the design, manufacture, supply and support of products and services for power system protection, control, monitoring, integration, and automation; offers fiber optic transceivers and unterminated or finished cables, cut and terminated to your length specification.

"Sea Con/Brantner & Associates, Inc"

SEA CON/Brantner & Associates, Inc. is the leading \nmanufacturer of underwater electrical + optical connectors and cable assemblies.

"Seiko Instruments Usa Inc"

Offers High Performance And Simple Assembly Fiber Optic Connectors . Connectors Are Attached To The Ends Of Individual Fibers In Cable Assemblies To Allow For The Transfer Of Light From Another Fiber.


Fc Fiber Optical Adaptors and other fiber optic products Which Are Used In Telecommunications Networks And Telecommunications Subscriber Loop.


Products Include Fiber Optic Jumpers, Patch Panels, Rack Mount Enclosures, Wall Mount Boxes, Adapters, Repeaters, And Transceivers.

"Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd"

Manufacturer of Fiber Optic Cables and Accessories

"Sifam Fibre Optics Limited"

They Provide Fiber Optic Components Online Such As Couplers, Splitters, Attenuators And Many More.

"Song Gwo Fiber Optic Co., Ltd."

fiber optic communications & telecommunications expert. Our IBM/AT&T certified engineers can design the advanced fiber optic cabling system to meet your unique needs.

"Spak Telco Catalogue For Fiber Optics"

Spak Telco Has In Stock A Complete Range Of Cases Ready To Assembly Connectors And Handling Of Fiber Optics. Cutting Tools, Sheath Removal, Polishing Dishes, Etc.


Spectraswitch Provides Fiberoptic Switches, Attenuators, Polarization Controllers And Other Component Products To The Telecom, Datacom

"Sst Data Products"

Sst Data Products Such As Adapters, Terminators, Cables Are Avaliable For Online Shopping.

"Standard Lightwave Orporation"

Iso 9002 Certified Manufactures Fiber Optical Isolators, Couplers, Attenuators

"Stegmeier Corporation."

Quick set system for installing perimeter Fiber-Optic lighting receiver,The Fiber-Optic Receiver inserts on to the cantilever form

"Stocker & Yale, Inc."

Products Include Fiber Optic Illuminators, Lightings, Glass Fiber And Fiber Optic Components.

"StockerYale Inc."

developer and manufacturer of high-quality optical networking components and specialized illumination systems.

"Storm Products Company"

A Manufacturer of High Performance Special Electronic and Microwave Cable Products Offering All Various Types Of Connectors And Adapters

"Storm Products Company"

We are representatives for major manufacturers of wire, cable and specialty items, as well as manufacturers of these products. The aim of Storm Products organization is to provide a complete wire service center in each location.

"Stran Technologies"

Stran Technologies Developers And Manufacturers Of Of Proprietary Electrical Connectors And Cables and Fiber Optic Connectors Such As Tfoca Connectors .

"Stratos Lightwave"

Designs And Manufacturers Of Fiber Optic Connectors, Adapters &Couplings, Racks&System.

"Sun Telcom"

Sun Telecom. are a well known manufacturer in Taiwan, who can provide you a wide range of Opto-Communication (Fiber Optical) facilities and accessories . . .With a higher standard and quality but an economical cost.

"Sundance Systems, Inc."

one of the early developers of fiber-optic systems for pro audio and also offers The Fbai-M, A 20-Bit A/D 2-Channel Fiber-Optic Interface With Mic Preamp , 20-Bit D/A Converter

"Sunx / Ramco Inc."

World Leader In Sensing Technology:Laser Sensor,Fiber Optic Sensor&Narrow Fiber Optic Cables.

"Superior Modular Products"

Superior Modular Products manufactures a full line of products serving the Voice/ Data & Networking needs for all physical transmission media.


Products Such As St Style Bulkhead Interconnect Adapters, Fc Style Fiber Optic Connectors, Miscellaneous Tools & Accessories.

"T & C Angel Enterprise Company Limited"

Offers All Standard St, Fc/Pc And Sc Fiber Optic Adaptors , St To Sc Duplex Hybrid Adaptor , Etc,.

"T&S Communications Co., Ltd"

professional firm, which focuses on fiber optic communications. We produce various types of fiber optic patchcords and sale related products.

"Tailyn Communication Company, Ltd."

product line include fiber optic multiplexers that convert electrical signals into high speed, high bandwidth fiber optical signals.

"Taiwan Zetatronic Industrial Co., Ltd"

Products Include Fiber-Optic Adapters and Assemblies

"Talon Megasales, Inc."

They Provide Fiber Optic Electronic Components Such As Low Cost Attenuators, Cables, Connectors And Many More.

"Tc Communications, Inc."

TC Communications manufactures fiber converters, fiber optic modems, fiber optic multiplexers, transceivers and telephone extenders for data and voice applications.

"Technical Allied Products, Inc."

They Provide Fiber Optic Adapters, Cables, Printers, And Many More.

"Telebyte, Inc."

Offers Various And Advanced Variety Of Fiberoptics Cables

"Telect Connecting The Future"

Telect is a global designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative connectivity solutions for the communications industry. Key product lines include fiber optic and digital connectivity equipment, digital access cross-connect systems, power distribution panels, and cabling and accessory items. In addition, Telect’s Integrated Systems Group (ISG) specializes in complete rack, bay, and frame solutions for connectivity applications, including design, integration, and installation capabilities.

"Telect Inc."

global designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative connectivity solutions for the communications industry. Key product lines include fiber optic and digital connectivity equipment, digital access cross-connect systems, power distribution panels, and cabling and accessory items.

"Terahertz Technologies Inc"

Ltx-510 Electrical To Optical Converter .The Ltx-510 E/O Converter Is A Convenient Device That Is Intended To Transmit Analog Or Digital Signals To A Remote Location Via A Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Cable .

"The Fibre Optic Shop Pty. Ltd."

The Fibre Optic Shop Manufactures A Wide Variety Of Optical Fibre Patchleads And Pigtails In House. Patchleads Are Colour Coded For Easy Identification Of Connector Ends.

"The Mnm Group Inc"

Manufactures & Markets A Broad Variety Of Fiber Optic Products,Cables & Adapters, Used As Stand-Alone Products To Meet A Variety Of Transmission Applications Over Single-Mode Or Multimode Optical Fiber.

"The Wiremold Company"

Offering Fibersmart Passive Interconnect Component Such As Sca Series Sc Fiber Optic Adapters,St Adapters,Fc Series Fiber Optic Adapters.

"Thomas & Betts Corporation"

Offers Connectors, Couplers, & Fiber Management Products Which Include Fiber Optic Connectors & Cable Assemblies , Fiber Optic Interconn. System ,

"Thorlabs, Inc"

Thorlabs Designs And Manufactures A Variety Of Scientific Products And Instruments For The Optics And Laser Research Industry. Product Search Using Online Catalog .

"Tmc The Mate Company"

They Provide Adapters, Terminators, Cables, And Many More

"Toplink C&C Corporation"

Toplink C&C Corporation offers Toplink Tl-509 Is A Fast Ethernet 100base-Tx To Fiber Features One Fiber Port Using St St Or Sc Connector&One Stp Rj-45 100base-Tx Port

"Toplink C&C Corporation"

Ethernet 10base-T/Fl Converter .10base-T/Fl Converter Is Designed To Connect Your Existing 10base-T Ethernet To A 10base-Fl Network With Fiber Optic Cable Up To 2,000 Meters

"Transmode Ab"

Multimode - Singlemode And Wavelength Converters: Universal Converter , Wdm Converter , Mbit Converter , Gbit Converter Etc

"Traquair Data Systems, Inc."

Provides Serial Communication Capability Across Optical Fiber,At Upto 10mbytes/Sec In Each Direction

"Trendware International Inc."

Offers Te-Tft Te-Series: High Performance Ethernet Transceiver.The Te-Tft Is A Utp-To-St Transceiver For Fiber Optic Cable.

"Tsunami Optics"

Developer And Manufacturer Of Bandwidth-Enabling Fiberoptic Components That Route, Separate, And Switch Light Within Optical Networks.


Installations of fiber optic telecommunications with Fiber Polishing Filters,Low Temperature Ion Assisted Coatings and Micro Optics.

"Ultraband Fiber Optics, Inc."

develops, markets and supports Fiber Optic components: provides a revolutionary technology for dynamic filtering of optical transmission signals.

"Unicom Electric, Inc."

the premium solutions network manufacturer. Produces fiber optic switches, converters and dual \nspeed hubs


Features Fully In Compliance With Jis C5970 F01 Fc Type Connector Specifications , Zirconia Or Phosphor Bronze Sleeve Adapters Which Are Used For Telecommunications Networks ,Data Communications Networks,Catv, Etc .,

"Valde Fiberoptics Inc."

Valdé Fiberoptics, Inc., (Valdé) serves the military, aerospace, industrial, optical-sensor, and transportation markets by developing and supplying fiberoptic connectors that are manufactured using an exclusive, unique method called Impact

"Valdor Fiberoptic, Inc."

Valdor Fiber Optics Inc. fiberoptic technology for fiberoptic connectors and packaging devices.

"Valiant Communications Limited"

manufactures telecom transmission solutions.

"Vector Infotech Private Limited"

offers fiber optics and data communications products, like cables, connectors, test equipment, distribution enclosures, tools & accessories, modems, repeaters, tranceivers, converters, multiplexers, extenders, etc.

"Versa Technology, Inc."

Fiber optic FP-type laser,DFB-LD Laser sources consist of a unique combination constructed on a single heat sink and packaged.

"Versitron, Inc."

Copper To Fiber Solutions In The Form Of Media Converters, Fiber Optic Modems, Multiplexers, Transceivers

"Vi Control Systems"

VI Control Systems has developed many custom printed circuit boards for customer applications.

"Visionex, Inc."

engaged in the research, development, and commercialization of optical technology and products for optical communications networks.

"Vixel Corporation"

Products Offers Such As Fiber Optic Adapters Types Sc And St Adapters.

"Warren & Brown & Staff Pty Ltd"

Offers Typical Rack With Cat 5 Products Including Patch Panels, Various Capacities, Hub Optical Fibre Termination Panels And A Twisted Pair Idc For Telephony.

"Wave Optics Inc"

Fiber Optic Components And Assemblies Including: Polarization Maintaining And Single Mode Fiber Connectors Couplers, Attenuators, Polarizers, And Large Core Bundles

"Wavesplitter Technologies,Inc."

Develops And Manufactures Dwdm, Laser Pumps, Add/Drop, Fiber-Optic Couplers, Isolators And Other Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer Components.

"Weed Instrument"

leader in temperature, pressure and fiber optic instrumentation.

"Winston International, Ltd."

They Provide Fiber Optic Cable,Cable Adapters,Multiplexes And Many More

"Wizlan Ltd."

Media Converters , Fiber Optic Converters From: Media Wizard , Wiz-Lite , Ethernet , Token Ring ,Atm , Fddi , As/400, Ibm 3270 .Wizlan`S Fiber Optic Fast Ethernet Converter Converts From 100baset/Tx Copper Media To 100basefx Fiber Media.

"World-Famous International Development Co., Ltd."

telecommunication products, data communication products, network access products.

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